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Issue 06:11:01

Industry Update

NAOPP poised to move to 'next level' in 2007

VeriFone + Lipman = very big footprint

First Data grows ISO channel

Terminals as freebies: Effective tool or economic disaster?

WSAA wraps up 2006 regional acquirer events

Rivalrous interchange postings add some clarity


Tranax, ATM industry react to ATM compromise

By Valerie Killifer,

Lisa A. Toner

She makes hay while the kids play

Financial regulators beware: The Center for Entrepreneurship is watching you


The wisdom in celebration

By Ken Musante, Humboldt Merchant Services


Street SmartsSM:
Pricing adequately in the marketplace

By Michael Nardy, Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI)

Bankcard buzz: Card Associations, Congress take action on several fronts

By David H. Press, Integrity Bankcard Consultants Inc.

Consultative selling: The hard sell gets the heave-ho

By Ken Boekhaus, Electronic Exchange Systems

Bundling: A sweet source of success

By J. David Siembieda, CrossCheck Inc.

Hop to it when the government calls

By Theodore F. Monroe et al., Attorneys at Law

Strike gold: Mine your merchants with care

By Marcelo Paladini, Cynergy Data

New Products

No compass required for clear mag-stripe read

Restaurant POS systems nickel-ing you to death?

Company Profiles

Data Shapers Loyalty Management Inc.


Feng shui for the mind

Handling stress with finesse



Resource Guide


The sky is not falling and other wisdom

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! This Chicken Little mantra has a tendency to spread like wildfire whenever the payments industry hurls change upon us.

For example, many banks, processors, ISOs, equipment companies and leasing companies are consolidating. The card brands have restructured their businesses. Interchange rates are now public information, and ISOs want their agents to give merchants free POS terminals.

As expected, some people are growing nervous. But all this does not necessarily mean doom and gloom. On the contrary, it's an exciting time. Change is exciting, because none of us really knows the outcome.

Why listen to us? Perspective. Since 1983, The Green Sheet has witnessed and reported on an evolving payments industry. Every shift has brought new opportunities for you as ISOs and merchant level salespeople (MLSs). If you don't believe us, spend a few hours on GS Online browsing our archive, which goes back more than 10 years.

Who could have foreseen the industry of today when BankAmericard (then it was part of Bank of America; now it's known as Visa) was still in its infancy? Back then everyone knew that only bank employees could sell bankcard services to merchants ... until someone else had a different idea.

From credit and debit card processing, ATMs, electronic check services, and gift and loyalty programs, to merchant cash advances and wireless solutions, the payments industry has distended into a bulging market of opportunity. You have unlimited ways to bring merchants solutions tailored to their own unique requirements.

Rather than flapping your arms and running about, assuming disaster is imminent, take steps now to prepare for the next generation of payments and your career in it.

Read articles submitted by our contributing writers. They are successful salespeople, and they know what they're talking about. Attend industry training events. Focus on vertical markets. Stay abreast of the latest technologies, and educate your merchants.

Most importantly, don't forget how hard it was to get where you are today. You probably didn't do it on your own. Help one another by sharing information.

We believe ISOs and MLSs will be alive and well in the payments industry of the future. Rather than asking, Will I be selling? The question is, What will I be selling?

Article published in issue number 061101

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