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Wandering in wireless

Are you aware of any write ups on wireless technology? Specifically, I'm looking for a detailed comparison and history of GPRS, CDMA, etc. There are so many options, it's difficult to keep up with them, much less explain the real difference to merchants.



Our cover story, "A primer on wireless POS" (The Green Sheet, Feb. 13, 2006, 06:02:01), is a good place to start. You may also want to do a Fast Finder search on GS Online using those terms. Many of our contributing writers have addressed wireless topics in their articles over the last two years.


PCI, felonies and background checks

Recently I have heard that certain ISOs and acquirers have to meet more strict rules and regulations regarding Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard compliance.

In turn, ISOs/merchant level salespeople (MLSs) have to change their procedures concerning the agents: who is compliant and who is not. An industry friend called me the other day concerned that he might lose his residuals because his ISO knows about a felony conviction on his record. My questions are as follows:

1. If an agent has a felony on his record, is the agent subject to be cut out of his hard-earned residuals at any time? If so, what can the agent do to protect himself?

2. Are there any CISP or PCI restrictions regarding nonbanking felonies (or others) that turn up on an MLS' background check?

3. What responsibilities are to be expected from agent offices when merchants' information is stored both at corporate and at the operating agent's office?

MLS Forum member cardservice864


I don't think there is anything in PCI that is not related to computers/networks and storage of cardholder data. There is a requirement to do background checks on anyone with access to cardholder data. But there is no standard on what would disqualify an individual due to a background check. Typically ISOs/MLSs do not have access to cardholder data.

An agent should not lose residuals for a felony conviction prior to signing an agreement, but he could if there is a provision in the agreement that provides for the right to terminate the agreement and payment of residuals for 1) a felony conviction or 2) other bad acts while the agreement is in effect.

Anyone storing cardholder data has the duty to properly secure that data.

David H. Press, Principal and President
Integrity Bankcard Consultants Inc.

Article published in issue number 060802

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