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A Thing


Short and sweet

You have a great publication. Thanks.

Peggy Barnett, Bankcard Consultant
Redwood Merchant Services

Last thing needed is another gimmick

Dear Mr. Musante: I read your article in the >April 24, 2006 issue of The Green Sheet ["POS terminals are not cell phones or razors," issue 06:04:02] with hopeful optimism that there were others in our industry that felt as I. Like you, I have refused to jump into the "free terminal" game with our direct sales force here at EMS.

The sale of equipment is how we pay the bills for our highly trained, highly skilled and highly compensated sales force. What our industry is in desperate need of are intelligent, honest and skilled salespeople. The last thing we need is another gimmick. Your article was right on point.

Mark A. Gill,
Executive Vice President, Sales
Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS)

MATCH list and ISO registration

The Green Sheet has published a list of TMF [terminated merchant file or MATCH list] causes, i.e., reasons a merchant can be terminated. I'd like to review this information again. Where can I find it?

Please provide the section on Visa's or MasterCard's Web site that has information on the legality of a merchant asking for customers' identification at the POS. (I believe this is not allowed unless otherwise OK'd by Visa or MasterCard?)

Also, I am very interested in becoming a registered ISO or merchant level salesperson. How do I get started? Thank you,
Alois Scott

Alois: We have published the following on merchant termination that you might find interesting:

Article published in issue number 060601

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