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Check scanning versatility for low-volume locations

Product: Excella STX
Company: MagTek Inc.

The Check 21 law eases restrictions on check clearing by allowing digital images to be used in lieu of paper checks. Although check scanners had been in use for some time before the new law took effect, demand is increasing as both financial institutions and merchants adopt Check 21 solutions.

Carson, Calif.-based MagTek Inc. is a leading manufacturer of check scanners to fill this growing need.

The company's product line includes several different scanner models. The latest, Excella STX, is a low check volume variant of the original Excella model. Whereas the latter is capable of being fed batches of checks at once, the STX (single transaction) scans one check at a time. Although STX is used primarily in Check 21 applications, it is also compatible with check verification and guaranty services as well as electronic check conversion.

After the check is fed into the device, the front is scanned; the MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) line is processed; the back is endorsed, the front is franked, or voided; and then the back of the check is scanned. If merchants use a check verification service, they also have the option of verifying the check before it is endorsed or voided. The two separate print heads for endorsing and franking are optional because those steps can be done manually. The merchant programs the franking and endorsing texts.

The STX and all other MagTek check scanners are capable of reading U.S. (E13B) or European (CMC7) MICR formats (the number on the bottom of every check). STX interfaces with either a standard USB port or Ethernet connection. Like its predecessor, the STX has a built-in Web server. It is a Web appliance with dual functionality (USB or Ethernet), allowing it to clear check images over the Internet.

Unique to the STX model is the standard inclusion of an ID card and driver's license scanner. This captures an image of the front of the license or ID to match the check. The scanner captures images at 200 dpi in black/white, grayscale or color. As with all other MagTek check readers, there is the option of adding a three-track magnetic stripe reader.

MagTek Inc.

Article published in issue number 060201

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