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A Note of Thanks

I just read the new product story you wrote ["Easing the Difficulty of Bad Checks," The Green Sheet, Oct. 24, 2005, issue 05:10:02], and I wanted to let you know that it hit the nail on the head. Nice job and thank you.

Richard McShirley

Merchant Cash Advances ... One Left Out

The cover story on the advance business is a very good story ["Merchant Cash Advances Open Doors," The Green Sheet, Oct. 10, 2005, 05:10:01].

I was surprised, however, that the article did not mention one of the major suppliers in that business, Amerimerchant. The principal of Amerimerchant is David Goldin, Tel: 212-779-2100, ext. 102. Please consider doing a follow-up story about David's business that is well known in the industry.

Adam Atlas
Attorney at Law


Thank you for your comments. Offering merchants cash advances is a hot topic in the industry right now. A visit to GS Online's MLS Forum will confirm this. This is the first time we have addressed this topic at length in The Green Sheet, and we tried to speak with as many providers as space allowed. We will consider covering the topic again in a future issue.


ATM Processors?

In the past, I was given the names of companies who provide processing for ATMs for ISOs. Can you give me those names again since I lost them?

Charles Spaid


We do not have a "list" to give you. However, GSQ v6n3 may be of some help. This issue was a review of the ATM industry. The names you are looking for may be in there.

A PDF of this GSQ is available at http://



The New Products story, "An Online Sales Assistant," (The Green Sheet, Oct. 24, 2005, issue 05:10:02), featuring Acies Corp.'s Sales Central, had three errors. The first refers to the service being "less expensive." It is in fact free. The second refers to "on the spot" approvals. Approvals are not immediate, but with Sales Central the wait is shortened considerably. The third refers to the capability to chat with vendors and others affiliated with the products and services offered by sales agents. This is not possible. The Green Sheet regrets the errors.


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