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ATM Success Stories: They Did It, So Can You!

By Tommy Glenn

In previous articles, I covered reasons why you as a merchant level salesperson (MLS) should consider adding ATMs to your product lineup; how to select the right ATM partner; and how to create a successful plan for launching an ATM business. I discussed opportunities and potential financial rewards for you and your organization through selling ATMs. Now I will share some success stories.

The following three stories are based on the experiences of NetBank Payment Systems and/or from my own knowledge. Most of the individuals and organizations in these stories still exist and are still actively and successfully involved in the industry. I have, however, changed their names (to protect the innocent and some not so innocent).

ATMs as an Add-on Product

The Rafael Flores Success Story: Rafael is a successful MLS in the credit card industry. He has included retail ATMs in his product offering for several years. Rafael has been successful selling ATMs to and setting up processing contracts for several local merchants. Over time, he has created a consistent and reliable residual revenue stream for himself.

Not too long ago, Rafael decided to move to a more favorable climate in a different part of the country. To finance the move, he sold his residuals back to the ISO with which he worked and then used the proceeds to improve his quality of life.

After moving, Rafael began to rebuild his residuals. He used the income for whatever suited him at the time. A few years later, after again building up his residuals, he wanted to finance another project. He decided that the most effective way to do this would be to sell his residuals back to the ISO again.

Rafael has used his ATM business to subsidize his current income and finance some important life decisions. He is currently building up another ATM residual stream, which will provide him with a greater number of choices and opportunities.

How to Become Wealthy as an ATM MLS

The Josh Weinstein Success Story: Josh's story starts approximately seven years ago when he entered the retail ATM sales market as a distributor for a large ATM ISO. Josh grew his business through hard work, aggressive local market positioning, strong customer follow up, and a commitment to playing fair.

After seven-plus years of growing his ATM business and using it to provide his family with a very comfortable lifestyle, Josh decided to put something away for the future. He sold 90% of his portfolio to the ISO with which he worked for a handsome seven-figure return.

Josh did this all the smart way. He not only sold most of his portfolio, but he also kept enough of the residual income to meet some of his cash flow needs while building another great ATM portfolio. I expect that Josh will have another great payday in the future, if that is what he chooses to do with his next portfolio.

From ATM Distributor to ATM ISO to Retirement Before Age 35

The Dirk Matthew Success Story: This sounds like a rags-to-riches Horatio Alger Jr. story (see sidebar on page 92), but it really is true. Dirk entered the retail ATM market as a distributor for a local ATM ISO.

He began his business by borrowing money on his credit card to buy ATMs and place them in high volume retail locations.

After working hard and becoming successful as a distributor for the ISO, Dirk decided to start his own ISO. Within a few short years, he built quite a nice ATM portfolio and business. He decided to diversify and expand his business holdings, so he started another successful business providing services to other ATM deployers (banks and ISOs).

Dirk sold his ATM portfolios several times, putting himself in a position to retire, should he choose to do so. However, he does not have plans to retire right now. Instead, he is using the proceeds from his successful ATM ISO to finance his next business venture.

I have provided only a few of the many retail ATM deployment success stories, and I believe many more exciting successes are currently underway. I have only one question: What are you waiting for? Get out there and create your own success story and maybe someone will write about you in the not so distant future.

Tommy Glenn is President of Fort Worth, Texas-based NetBank Payment Systems (NPS). Glenn serves on the Board of Directors for ATMIA, the ATM Industry Association. He is also on the Board of Deliver Me, a service group that provides food, shelter and clothing for the elderly. E-mail him at, or call him at 817-334-8871.

NPS, formerly Financial Technologies Inc. (FTI), is the nation's third largest ATM deployer and the single source provider for payment processing solutions. The company offers a full range of ATM products and services. NPS is a wholly owned subsidiary of NetBank, the first commercially successful Internet bank. Visit NPS' Web site at .

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