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In Search of Interchange Untangled

In religiously reading The Green Sheet, somehow I seem to be missing Parts I and III of the Education series: "Interchange Untangled." I looked in the archived editions where I thought these would appear, but I cannot locate them! In which issues are Parts I and III found? Also, in the header of each "Interchange Untangled" article, it mentions that the interchange chart was available in the Aug. 25, 2003 issue of The Green Sheet...I looked in both August 2003 and 2002 editions, but I can't find this chart. Am I doing something inaccurately in my search? Where is the chart located? Thanks in advance!

Tony Hoffman

BanCard Services Trust


On The Green Sheet's Web site, if you search for "interchange untangled" using our FAST FINDER search engine and limit the search to Green Sheet issues, you will be given links to all of the articles. The Interchange Chart is available in the PDF format of issue 03:08:02. From the GS Archive on The Green Sheet's Web site, select the PDF version of the August Issue 02 2003. The chart appears as pages 23-24,


A Special Request

How about posting as many as possible agent programs you know of on a chart similar to that of consumer reports, and rating them for their true payouts, not what the ISO tells you, but what the agents tell you and prove to you based on what they actually get-plus flexibility transferability, honesty, customer service waiting time, etc.?

All information should be taken from the field not from the companies. Your staff could also try calling all the different companies' customer service [departments] at different times of the day, checking how long they take to answer at 9:00 Monday morning, how much the agent knows and how quickly problems are solved, for example.

You could also write a questionnaire asking agents to rate the companies for whom they have written. All payouts should be backed up by residual reports (and that the agent understands his report and is really an agent for whom he claims).

Please don't suggest a list of ISOs for agents to rate-it only confuses us and makes us think they are the only ones being rated. Let the whole thing be a write-in names program, and possibly write in topics of rating. This could be an idea for the next GSQ, if you haven't planned it yet.

Thank you,



That would be an enormous undertaking and well beyond the scope of our publication. I suggest that you take this idea to the NAOPP. This may be a project the association would want to attempt. To contact the association or register for the next meeting, please visit their Web site:


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