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A Thing
Issue 03:07:02

Industry Update

Visa Announces New Rates

Mini-ATM Promoter Settles with FTC

Citigroup, Inc. Buys Sears Credit Card Division

Is M-commerce Dead and Buried?
By Lynn Ward


Insider's Report on Payments Stored-value Cards Become Mainstream
By Patti Murphy


GS Advisory Board
Processing Services and Transaction Fees

Industry Leaders: Jim Poulson
Front and Center with Service for All Sides


Street SmartsSM
Partnerships for Success - Part II
By Ed Freedman

Skimming and Bust-outs
By David H. Press

Who Owns an ISO Portfolio?
By Adam Atlas

'Round and 'Round with Visa POS
By Lin Fellerman

Company Profiles

First Data Merchant Services, Third-party Sales Channel

New Products

Fast Returns on Gift Card System

Fraud Alerts Via E-mail

More Lanes, More Flexibility

At last, MICR-compliant Ink


Microsoft Excel-lence



Resource Guide


Time for a New Look

As we prepare to celebrate our 20th birthday in October 2003, it is time for a new look. We've completely redesigned our Web site, and we think that you will appreciate the difference. Here's a rundown of what you will see:

New Logo

Our designer has created a distinct logo for the corporation The Green Sheet, Inc. Under this umbrella we will continue to produce our periodical publications and occasional books; in the coming months we also will unveil some new products and services.

Sleek New Design Online

Our online presence continually has evolved since we joined the World Wide Web in 1995. Our new look is bright, clean, easily read and readily navigated. We've simplified the registration/subscription process so that each reader needs only one user name and password combination to unlock all of the appropriate gates.

Innana had seven gates to open during her quest, and so will our online visitors; however, not everyone who enters will have access to the entire kingdom.

Our "target audience," the focus of our attention, always has been the ISO/MLS - so to you go the riches of our publishing empire. The banks, equipment manufacturers, processors and other industry players will have access to most of the information.

Some of our most popular information will be available on several pages throughout the site. "News from the Wire," "Subscription Registration," "Subscription Change Form" and "Fast Finder" will be on each of the main sub-pages.

The Site Map will be maintained as a dynamic representation of the site. So if you can't keep this article taped to your monitor, just click on Site Map to find the exact spot on the Green Sheet Online that you are seeking.

MLS Portal

This page and its sub-links will require a user name and password. All current subscribers and registered users of the MLS Forum already have an ID and password that will enable access to this page and all of the sub-pages. New subscribers who identify themselves as MLS/ISO/MSP sales professionals will be given the key to this gate.

The MLS Portal will link to:

  • For Immediate Release
  • Fraud Prevention Tips (PDF)
  • Industry FAQs
  • Knowledge is Power
  • MLS Forum
  • MLS Opportunities
  • Preview Issue of The Green Sheet
  • Resource Guide Online
  • Street SmartsSM
  • Trade Association Links

All visitors to GS Online will have access to this page and its links. This is the archive area for The Green Sheet, GSQ and the books we have published.

  • Company Profiles
  • GS Archive
  • GS Current Issue
  • GSQ Archive
  • GSQ Current Issue
  • Industry FAQs
  • Industry Leader Profiles
  • Our Books
  • Sarcasm Sells (Cartoon Archive)

Industry Resources

  • Book Reviews
  • Registered ISO Network
  • Trade Association Directory
  • Tradeshow Directory

This page and most of its links will be available to all visitors to our Web site no matter whether they are registered subscribers to our publications. Here we have listed general resources for the payment processing industry, including books reviews, a listing of the relevant trade associations and a tradeshow directory.

However, our newest service, the "Registered ISO Network," will be available to newly registered users only. "The Registered ISO Network" is intended to be a networking space for sales professionals who have paid the fee to register with Visa/MasterCard. This space is designed for those professionals to share their business experience and knowledge with each other in order to strengthen the payment processing industry.

Membership in the Registered ISO Network is limited to ISO/MSPs who have registered with the Visa and/or MasterCard associations. All registration information is mandatory and will be available to all registered users of the Network. The Green Sheet staff will confirm all contact information and will contact the bankcard associations to confirm the status of each new registrant.

Same Mission After All These Years

This may scan with Paul Simon's immortal words, but we think we're anything but "crazy after all these years." Our mission always has been to support the independent salesperson. The payment processing solutions and services have changed since 1983, but we still are focused on telling you what to sell, how to sell it and for whom.

Our new look will enable us to open up new advertising opportunities, with banner ads available on all of the main pages, singularly or "run of the site." We will include logos for an up-charge with the Resource Guide Online. Sponsorship positions also are available online. Please contact our sales department for additional information on these and all of our advertising opportunities.

We look forward to your feedback on our efforts. Let us know what works and what doesn't, what you need more of and what you're searching for us to add. Please write to and let me know how we're doing on "bringing the right stuff to the right people, right now!"

Enjoy Our Other Services:

GSQ Online
Retail Business Merchant Mall
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