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Tips for Travel

Some of you will attend the ETA in Las Vegas next month. For anyone who travels, the world has changed dramatically. Patience is tested more than once at the airport. But getting upset doesn't help anything and may only serve to make the waits longer and that much more unpleasant. After all, the added security is there for our benefit. Here are some tips for dealing with the delays and keeping calm throughout the process.

  • Make sure you have a good meal before you leave for the airport. If you arrive hungry and things go wrong, you might find it more difficult to remain composed.

  • Allow yourself enough time to get ready. If you start your trip rushed, you are likely to feel rushed for the entire trip.

  • Prepare yourself mentally for delays. Anyone who has ever flown on a commercial airliner also has sat on the runway for long periods of time. Make sure you have work to do or a book to read.

  • The security checkpoints are not going to go away. You know they are there, and you know that there is likely to be a line. Yes, you even might have to take off your shoes. Strike up a conversation with someone else in line instead of complaining. You never know where you will find your next prospect.

  • The agents at the ticket counter who just told you that your flight has been delayed did not cause the delay. Yelling at them will not make the flight take off on time. Keep in mind that they are merely doing their job and you are not the only angry passenger. Being especially nice to them will get you more service, especially in the case of a canceled flight. Just be thankful you are not the one behind the counter.

  • Keep your sense of humor. Smile at someone and try to help them feel a little better. If you are angry and tense you may lose sight of the reason you are making this journey. By remaining cheerful, you will arrive at your destination ready for whatever awaits you.
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