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Smooth Ride on Learning Curve


I recently became involved in the payment-processing business as an ISO/MSO. I would like to thank and commend you on the splendid service that you are rendering to the ISO/MSO community with your publishing activities. Your publications enabled me to get up to speed very quickly on the economics and workings of the industry.

Michael Liew

General Manager

Rentors LLC

The Process of Becoming Self-sufficient


I hope you can help me. I'm a sales rep and can't find a good processing company to which I would be comfortable submitting my application. Lately, it looks as if the companies are looking for reasons to decline applications rather than looking for ways to approve them.

I wonder: Can a sales rep open his own processing company? Do I need a lot of money to set aside with Visa/MasterCard or buy insurance to cover fraud losses? I want to handle my own risk decisions, etc., and find a company that will do the electronic transactions for me. How can I learn about the process and what is needed to start it? If I need to find a bank for a partnership, is there a list of banks looking for people like me?


Lee Zamed


The Green Sheet does not recommend or endorse any product or service. We encourage you to register for the ISO Forum online, a networking space for ISOs in the payment-processing industry ( Also, check out our company profiles, FAQs and extensive backlist for information on numerous issues relating to this industry.

Good Selling!SM

The Green Sheet Staff

Natural Resource

Do you have an updated list of ISOs looking for agents with the bank they represent, buy rates, statement fees, residual information, other services, package of materials, etc. Thanks!

Jerry Gilstrap


The listing "ISOs Looking for Agents" appears in every issue of The Green Sheet and online in our Resource Guide: Additionally, we have published an update to this report each year in the GSQ. The most recent report was the July 2002 issue "Feet on the Street." Our GSQ publication is now available online. Simply register on the GSQ page and you will be able to download the PDF of all of the back issues of our quarterly publication.

Good Selling!SM

The Green Sheet Staff

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