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A Thing Global eTelecom, Conversion Processing Strike Deal

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Global eTelecom, Conversion Processing Strike Deal

G lobal eTelecom recently announced that Conversion Processing LLC has agreed to utilize the company's new proprietary XML based transactional processing technology and operational service package.

"Our company had been searching for a partner-minded enterprise that allowed us to focus solely on the electronic processing of checks," said Warren Carter, President, Conversion Processing. "We were looking for a partner that would allow us unbounded flexibility to structure, operate and manage a first-class electronic check processing service, with cutting-edge, Web-based, data-management systems.

"We also had other stringent criteria, a need to see high ethical standards from the top management and ownership on down, a partner who sought to perform with excellence, and a partner who had a knowledgeable and responsive management team. Our firm services niche markets with a variety of innovative electronic check conversion solutions, and we needed a service provider that is willing and able to perform like us.

"Global eTelecom does this. We found Global eTelecom to be the 'whole package.' Our entire staff could not be happier or more energized about our future now that we are a business partner with Global eTelecom."

"The relationship with Conversion Processing continues to broaden our service base as a company," said John H. Beebe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Global eTelecom. "We are very pleased and honored that Conversion Processing chose to form a long-term partnership with our company, and we look forward to growing together and working together to provide custom-tailored solutions to the needs of our rapidly exploding industry."

Global eTelecom owns the first technology for processing checks electronically at the point-of-purchase through the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). Global eTelecom is an active member of NACHA's Electronic Check Council. Global eTelecom provides its proprietary, fully customizable XML-based electronic check processing services to a nationwide network of banks, independent sales agents and associations, credit card processors, insurance companies and retail merchants, ranging in size from small "mom and pop" stores to national retail chains.

Global eTelecom's proprietary Electronic Check Services include: Electronic Check Conversion (point-of-purchase), Electronic Mail Order/Telephone Order Checks (MOTO), Encrypted Electronic Internet Checks, Lockbox Conversion, Electronic Recurring Debit, Electronic Represented Check Collection (RCK), Wireless Encrypted Infrared Checks, Electronic Check Image Capture, and Secure Web Based Check Image Retrieval. More information on Global eTelecom can be found on the company's Web site,

Conversion Processing, based in Cleveland, is an electronic check conversion provider servicing a variety of clients nationally with customized, innovative solutions and alternatives to handling paper checks electronically. Founded in 1996 with its grass roots in offering a number of payment processing services, CP evolved into a company that focuses on check payment solutions. CP provides effective and efficient electronic check processing solutions and also has technical expertise in providing the right check processing equipment for a complete custom-tailored package for its client. For more information on Conversion Processing, contact Warren Carter at 216-661-0405.





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