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A Thing Protecting Your Pad

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Protecting Your Pad

W ear and tear on POS terminals is unavoidable, especially with today's volume of consumer spending. One company has come up with new technology to combat terminal abuse. @pos, a leading interactive electronic transaction technology provider, recently introduced the Active Screen Guard (ASG) to protect the touch pad displays of the @pos iPOS TC, TX.C and 3100eX payment-transaction terminals.

The ASG consists of a protective membrane and innovative electronic components that intelligently inform the terminal when the ASG is installed. The patent-pending solution provides a cost-effective option that extends the overall usage life of the terminal's resistive touch pad and reduces the need to replace the complete display assembly.

First seen in June at the Retail Systems Conference in Chicago, the ASG attaches to the bezels of the iPOS TC, TX.C, and 3100eX. An LED located on the bezel is activated by the terminal's internal hardware security circuitry when the ASG is properly installed on the terminal.

"The Active Screen Guard provides an option for our retail customers to extend and protect their significant point-of-sale investments," says Winifred Liu, @pos Product Manager. "The ASG is simple to install and replace at the retail location for regular and continued maintenance."

This new technology is the latest product from a company line that includes signature capture pads, Web-enabled platforms, smart card interfaces and encryption engines supporting DES and Triple DES, in addition to an extensive suite of software tools. @pos markets its products to the retail, government and banking segments for applications that include electronic signature capture, debit and credit payments, display advertisements, promotions and surveys.

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