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A Thing On the Fast Track

On the Fast Track

Another announcement to come out of the ETA meeting was about Hypercomís partnership with Paymentech. The two are now offering ISOs a full-service POS payment program to help generate new and on-going revenue, called the ePic (ePOS-infocommerce) services.

ďThese advanced services can help merchants generate new and on-going revenues at the point-of-sale, and they are generating tremendous interest among our ISO and merchant clients,Ē said Sean Riley, group manager for Paymentechís third-party processing business and client relationship management.

Paymentech fast-tracked the certification of Hypercomís ePic services (formerly ePicNetz). The services provided to merchants who use Hypercomís ICE 5500 terminal include:  electronic signature and receipt capture, customized receipts with merchant logos and promotional messages, and on-screen terminal advertising

Paymentech will also add Hypercomís Web browser, e-mail and additional services as enhancements.

Hypercomís ePic electronic signature and receipt capture service (ERC) creates a paperless system that stores and retrieves electronic receipts on demand. The system combines front-end signature capture with back-end receipt storage and retrieval platform. Customers wipe their card, interact with the terminal through the touch-screen displays, and sign directly on the screen. All receipt data, including the signature, is electronically captured and stored on secure servers. Signature and transaction data are locked together as a single image and time-stamped for fraud prevention. The integrated chargeback defense mechanism allows for the quick location and retrieval of the disputed transaction, which can then be sent to the appropriate party by electronic mail, fax or electronic data interchange. This process complies with MasterCard and Visa operating regulations.

Hypercomís POS advertising service allows merchants to generate custom logos on receipts, and to display and send interactive messages and revenue-generating incentives to the customer while their attention is focused on the terminal. Coupon choices, messages and loyalty program rewards can also be printed on the receipts to build customer loyalty and generate incremental revenue.

Hypercom maintains an installed base of more than 3.5 million card payment terminals, which operate in over 100 countries and conduct more than 2.5 billion transactions annually. For more information visit

Paymentech delivers electronic payment services in merchant acquiring and POS transaction processing with a wide array of product functionality and support options. For more information visit their Web site at

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