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A Thing FYI


One of the most talked about items at the March ETA meeting was the mystery owner behind the new Transaction World  magazine (Volume 1, Issue 2),  that was distributed with the ETA registration materials. Transaction World is published by Art Holdings Inc., of Roswell, GA, and the editor in chief is Cynthia Dorrill, formerly a marketing manager for Lynk Systems, Inc.

But the masthead didnít offer any information about the magazineís owner, or why the magazine should suddenly be seen as the ISOís new best friend. (Their mission statement is:  To enhance the ISO position in the marketplace and become the premier publication serving the ISO community.)

In one conversation that I overheard, a prominent industry executive was wondering who was behind the publication, and another responded that it was the best kept secret in the industry, and layered under six levels of corporations.

Well, if the ownership of Transaction World was intended to be a secret, the answer is not hard to uncover. Art Holdings, Inc., according to the Office of the Comptroller of Texas, is a Texas corporation chartered on October 8, 1993. Chief Executive Officer and register agent is Harold Montgomery, also CEO of Checktronic Check Services. I guess this explains why, among a full publication of advertorials, Harold Montgomery has a story/ad in each issue.

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