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A Thing Eclipse Update

Eclipse Update

Paymentech has made TeleCheck’s Eclipse payment terminal available to their ISOs. In issue 00:12:02, we introduced the Eclipse terminal, which includes TeleCheck’s Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) that converts paper checks into an electronic transaction. Paymentech’s Eclipse solution integrates check transactions with other electronic payments. Paymentech will also support electronic benefits transfers (EBT) and California truncation requirements (see cover article, issue 01:02:02).

In issue 00:12:02, we pointed out that the Eclipse terminal represents an obstacle for ISOs to sign merchants once they are committed to TeleCheck. Remember that when a TeleCheck sale is made, the local bank relationship is lost to BankOne, the ISO’s terminal sale is lost, and the credit card processor’s sale is lost, because TeleCheck sales are typically processed through First Data Resources (FDR). Paymentech is processing through FDR, and is one of the alliance partners that FDR is using to control the Eclipse terminal. This confirms the point made in issue 00:12:02, that it will be difficult to sell a merchant once he has signed with the TeleCheck program.

You may also recall that, in issue 00:12:02, we proposed that ISOs might want to consider Hypercom, and their ePic Electronic Receipt Capture, as an alternative to TeleCheck. Well, someone must have been reading The Green Sheet, because Paymentech fast-tracked the certification of Hypercom’s ePic services (see “On the Fast Track,” page 18). We also suggested that RDM might be a helpful ally as well. We’ll see what happens...

Paymentech processed approximately 3.4 billion total transactions and $109 billion in bankcard sales volume in 2000. For more information visit

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