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A Thing Simplicity Speaks Volumes

Simplicity Speaks Volumes

A long-standing sales axiom is to know your client, and know the industry.  This was easy in the Old Economy, back in the days when shoes, cars and sportswear were the heart of retail.

In e-tail, there’s a whole lot more to know, and a lot more complexity.  You can’t look under the hood, and you can no longer depend on an elegant showroom to display your product or service. Instead, you must rely on the look-and-feel of your product’s display on a screen.  And because new e-tail tools may require installation, configuration and maintenance fees, sticker shock may be delayed well beyond the point-of-sale.

A product demo barely begins to tell the whole story—and may leave your client asking more questions than before.  Since the New Economy includes many technologies that must work together, there are many layers of complexity.

Help your Client KISS Complexity Goodbye

The challenge for you, as an ISO, is to know more, yet adhere to the old KISS axiom—Keep It Simple, Stupid.  These days, nearly everyone is overwhelmed by technical information, and it will be your job to make the retailer—or e-tailer—breathe a sigh of relief. 

So, meet the challenge of complexity head-on, step-by-step.  Each day, identify one thing about e-commerce that you don’t understand, and do your best to find the answer.  Perhaps it’s a technical term or acronym that you need defined.  Or a concept demystified.  Or a process explained.

Even though you may feel that you need to understand a whole new technology from start to finish, choose to learn just one thing at a time.  Once you’ve identified what you want to know, lots of resources are available.  You might:

1. Ask a friend-in-the-know,

2. Visit a computer store and ask a sales person there,

3. Search the Internet for technical dictionaries, glossaries, or

4. Take advantage of white papers and tutorials offered on many Web sites.

 The more you know, the better you’ll be able to speak your client’s language, solve his problem, and close that sale! 


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