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A Thing Education is the Key to Success

Education is the Key to Success

Before you begin to sell, take the time to educate your prospect. Most prospects won’t ask questions for fear they will appear stupid. Some sales professionals assume that since the prospect agreed to the meeting, he understands why there is a need for your service. However, every prospect is different, so that assumption may be true for some and not for others.

Instead of assuming the prospect knows what your service is and why he needs it, be sure to lay the groundwork up front, through education. You can do this by clearly describing what you have to offer at a pace that gives your prospect a chance to learn, without the added pressure of the sale itself. This way you will eliminate misunderstandings down the road and increase the likelihood of a happy customer. And a happy customer can provide referrals.

Education topics should include:

• Your name and your company name

• The kinds of services and products you provide

• Which types of companies benefit from your services

• Names of specific companies that use your service

• How and why you are different from similar companies (You may want to ask the prospect to name some of your competitors—then you can explain why your company is different and better.)

• Why there is a need for your service

• What specific problems you solve or challenges you address

• How the need for your service has changed in the past 5 years

• How the need for your service will change in the next year or two

• How your company is prepared for that change

• Why it is important for the prospect to commit to you now, rather than tomorrow

Don’t worry—you won’t be doing all the talking. After you have provided some basic education, ask the prospect to do the same for you. Ask him to share:

• The company’s history

• The company’s successes

• The company’s goals for the future

• The company’s areas for improvement

After you lay the groundwork, he should have an understanding of the benefits you can provide. And if you have listened closely to the information he has offered about his company, you should have a good understanding of your prospect’s direction and challenges.

When each of you understands how your offerings meet his needs, then you can work together to create ways for his business to become more profitable and efficient. Education, then, is the key to making informed decisions that benefit you both, for success and satisfaction all around.

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