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A Thing ECX Partners with East and West Coast Banks

ECX Partners with East and West Coast Banks

In issue 01:03:02, we reported that E-Commerce Exchange (ECX) is taking steps to bring its core business services in-house. As part of this effort to reduce the overall number of third party providers it uses, ECX has partnered with two banks, First Bank of Beverly Hills and Minotola National Bank.

ECX will work with First Bank of Beverly Hills and Minotola National Bank, both Visa/MasterCard member banks, to provide funds from transactions to ECX customers. While the banks will handle the transfer of money, ECX will be responsible for the other services to the customer; this includes establishing a merchant account for the customer, transferring and monitoring all funds and all customer support and services.

ECX has also formed an alliance with Internet Marketing Institute (IMI), an online marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization, Internet advertising, and electronic messaging. ECX and IMI will offer their flagship products, QuickCommerce and Search Engine Optimization Kit-2001, respectively, to each other’s customers.

ECX will offer IMI’s Search Engine Optimization Kit-2001 to its QuickCommerce customers. The kit allows ECX’s Internet merchants to maximize the online exposure for their Web stores, and IMI’s customers can use QuickCommerce to securely process credit cards and electronic checks online.

“In partnering with companies like the Internet Marketing Institute, E-Commerce Exchange is able to provide additional services to our clients, enabling us to further aid small businesses as they attain their goals,” said Thad Bees, vice president of sales and business development, E-Commerce Exchange.

“Our joint vision is to provide the infrastructure, tools and resources to make businesses successful online,” said Dr. Jerry R. Perrich, president of Internet Marketing Institute. “This includes construction of e-commerce sites, enabling of e-commerce transactions, and effective marketing of the online business presence. The combined core competencies of ECX and IMI allow businesses to leverage the results of their investment in their online presence.”

IMI offers online marketing products and consulting services that are focused on making organizations successful online. For more information call (937) 885-7732, e-mail him at, or visit their Web site at

ECX focuses on markets not served by traditional banks and other business-to-business e-commerce service providers, and provides a variety of products and services including Web storefront design and construction, setup of merchant credit card accounts and secure online credit card and check processing. For more information call (800) 748-6318 or visit

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