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A Thing MSI Chooses Hypercom

MSI Chooses Hypercom

Merchant Services, Inc. (MSI), a credit/debit card acquirer, has  awarded Hypercom Corporation a contract valued at more than $6.8 million. MSI will provide Hypercom’s card payment terminals and peripherals to thousands of merchants in the retail, hospitality and emerging market sectors. The rollout is expected to be complete within the next twelve months.

In conjunction with this rollout, Merchant Services will deploy Hypercom’s ePic ICE family of touch-screen card payment terminals. “This order is a win-win for Merchant Services’ sales force, distributors, customers and Hypercom, and another strong validation of our ePic ICE strategy and products from this nationally-recognized merchant acquirer,” said Chris Alexander, president and CEO, Hypercom Corporation.

Headquartered in New York, MSI and its affiliates provides services to more than 60,000 businesses in the retail, hospitality and emerging market sectors.  For more information visit

Hypercom Corporation maintains an installed base of more than 3.5 million card payment terminals which operate in over 100 countries and conduct more than 2.5 billion transactions annually. For more information visit

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