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A Thing Datacard Update

Datacard Update

     Credentia, a Datacard company, has released a number of announcements in the past few months. If you’re unfamiliar with credentia, they offer identity systems, including tools for card personalization and ID management, as well as photo ID systems, software, and printers.

    Some of their recent product announcements include:

     Magna Class Card Printers: The new card printer family includes eight high-speed models designed for mid-volume card issuance. The Magna Class includes four full-color printers and four one-color printers; the Image Card models print up to 180 full color cards per hour.

     Guest Registration Customer Software: User friendly software that operates over an intranet or the Internet. The solution allows authorized personnel to pre-register guests, produce personalized badges, track guest activity, and generate reports from any enabled location. The process begins when an employee uses Guest Registration software to pre-register a scheduled visitor. The solution sends an e-mail to the guest to confirm the pending visit. A staff member either pre-prints a personalized badge including name, expiration date, and optional phone number, or prints them on demand upon arrival.

     New Biometrics option for ViaNet: The development extends the capability of the ViaNet data retrieval software to allow storage of biometrics image and data in a central database. At any time from anywhere, authorized professionals can confirm identities by comparing the stored biometrics templates to the fingerprint or hand geometry of the individual standing before them at the point of entry.

     Preface ID Software: The software offers a choice between creating a new card design or choosing an existing sample format to revise multiple card formats. Users can add text and full color graphics to one or both sides of the card. They can also modify text fonts, size, color, and justification; also features barcode and magstripe encoding.

    Tru Image: The development allows superior color reproduction and image quality on plastic cards. All ImageCard IV card printers shipped after October 1999 have Tru Image. According to Eric Freudenheim, Vice President of Product Marketing for Credentia, “With Tru Image, images appear smoother and flesh tones reproduce with utmost accuracy and fewer hot spots.”

     For more information about Credentia products, access


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