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     While not yet officially announced, we have it on good authority that Wal-Mart is working on a full-scale test of check conversion, planning to test one state with what NACHA calls “Consumer as Keeper” and another state with “Merchant as Keeper.” Apparently Wal-Mart wants to find out for themselves how consumers actually feel about check conversion, their true understanding of the product, and how operationally the two processes differ from one another.

Anybody Want To Sell?

     C.V. Gilkeson is a business broker located in West Des Moines, Iowa, and he has let us know that he has been asked to search for ISOs and ISO-banks with credit card services portfolios that are for sale. If you are an ISO or bank looking to sell, merge, or discuss a joint venture, C.V. Gilkeson & Associates would like to talk to you. C.V. Gilkeson & Associates is located at 600 34 Street Place, West Des Moines, Iowa 50265, and can be reached by calling (515) 222-9293. They are looking to do deals up to 100,000 in annual transactions, $500,000,000 in portfolio value. If you are interested, and fail to get to C.V., you can e-mail The Green Sheet, Inc., at and we will pass on the contact information for you.

Nearing Last Chance for Reseller Training in 2000

     Enthusiasm continues for PCCharge (formerly Go Software, Inc.) alliance products, which now contain five additional fraud-fighting features, and orders continue to be strong, according to PCCharge. If you would like to attend training on the product this year, only three of the seven trainings offered are still available. August 24 and 25 in Los Angeles, California and September 21 and 22 or November 16 and 17 in Savannah, Georgia. For more information call (800) 725-9264 and ask for Michael Packer or go to

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