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Letters to the Editor


Dear Paul:

It has come to my attention that some very serious misrepresentations have been stated about Global eTelecom. And, after a brief conversation with you I realized that it needed to be addressed in a more direct fashion. As you know, Global eTelecom purchased the processing technology of GPST, Inc. Not the company. The processing technology. Because of GPST’s industry wide reputation for conducting business, many rumors have been floating around as to the exact nature of the circumstances surrounding the purchase of the processing technology. I hope this letter unequivocally clarifies the issue.

Global eTelecom enjoys a sterling reputation for conducting business in our industry. This is something that has been earned. Such reputations are not freely given. A tremendous amount of blood, sweat, faith, and many tears have been shed by our entire team to set a standard of honesty, integrity, and truthfulness in our dealings with others. It is not something that is taken lightly by anyone on our staff. Commitment, dedication, excellence and integrity are something that is demanded of every staff member, regardless of their position. When you call or come by our offices, you can sense and feel this in our interreaction with others.

GPST, as everyone knows, and as we found out later, had a horrible reputation for the way they conducted business in our industry. Inference has been that we are nothing more than a continuation of GPST. Our entire staff and I find this very offensive. When such inference is made, you slander, defame and bring reproach on all of the innocent, hard working, honest people who have dedicated their lives to make our company as success. We are not GPST, nor are we a continuation of GPST. Please check our reputation with anyone in or around our industry. A leopard does not change his spots. The way business was conducted at GPST was dishonest. The myriad of lawsuits and complaints at NACHA prove it. The management and owners of GPST are the ones who should be held accountable and responsible for the actions of GPST, not Global eTelecom. For instance, one of the former owners, David Boyd, who additionally was a director and officer of GPST (Chief Operating Officer) is now employed as a key executive officer with BankServ in a similar position. (Vice President of Operations). While this is a direct and blatant violation of his non-compete and non-disclosure contract, it is not surprising considering the way things were done at GPST. It is par for the course. However, why does the same inference not be placed upon BankServ for hiring this gentleman as one of its key executives controlling their operations? Is this not the same individual who controlled the daily operations at GPST as Chief Operations Officer?

For the record, specifically naming Mr. Russell Gosselin, former President of GPST; I would want the record to reflect that he is not an executive, in management, or an employee with our company.

The same cannot be said of our competitor. I have grown very weary of receiving phone calls from people that I have never even heard of, who swear at me angrily because they say that GPST owes them money. This has happened time and time and time again for months now. Global eTelecom does not have the records of GPST. We would not even know where to begin in trying to clean up their mess. Global eTelecom should not have to. The people who create the mess should be the ones to clean it up. It is called taking responsibility for your actions. Running off and trying to hide at another company does not clean the slate. But nevertheless, when I have such an encounter, I try to explain the situation to the offended party and get them to calm down. When the call is finished, I usually find I have a person who respects our integrity at Global eTelecom, and they thank me for listening to them about how they were treated by GPST. Many are then apologetic. They are just tired of being treated dishonestly and at being given the run around, and any one of us would feel the same in their position. Many people have just assumed that we were the same company until they actually dealt with us. That is when they realized that they are working with a different company. A company very different from GPST. This is a sad statement, but it is true.

 For the record, Global eTelecom abhors the way business was conducted at GPST. It was dishonest, immoral and unethical from our point of view. The venom that we have had to experience from ISO’s, merchants, and other processing companies just for purchasing the processing technology has been indescribable. This letter is not going to be an eye opening revelation to our industry. That alone may be the most telling statement in this letter. It gives us pause and makes us wonder if knowing what we do now if we would actually purchase the technology again. The people who ran GPST need to publicly acknowledge that they were wrong, and they should be monitored in the industry to make sure that this type of situation never occurs again.

We are in the business of handling other people’s money. We should treat our position as stewards of other people’s money with a deep respect, and honor the faith and trust our merchants, ISO’s and partners have placed in us. I fully realize that we are all human, and mistakes are made. That is how we all learn our greatest lessons, from our mistakes. Passing off responsibility for our actions does not allow us to learn. Taking responsibility for them does. Hopefully, the way our team at Global eTelecom has handled the adversity that has come from a situation that we did not create has earned us the respect of our fellow peers. When someone burns others in our industry, it casts a shadow over everyone associated with what we do.

Global eTelecom and our entire staff looks forward to working with our industry and building on our reputation as a company who conducts business with honesty, integrity, and dedication to our ISO’s, merchants and partners. We realize that this is what makes us successful as individuals and as a company. It is the foundation on which we have built our company, our future and our goals on. I hope this unequivocally states Global eTelecom’s position. If anyone in our industry has any further questions, please contact me personally at (850) 650-8506.


John H. Beebe

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Global eTelecom, Inc.



Seems perfectly clear.

Good Selling!

Paul H. Green


Dear Paul et al:

Thank you for the recent Green Sheet Seminar (I attended in New York). As a small MSP with limited resources (especially time), I found your seminar to be time extremely well spent. I have been with two companies since joining the industry and I have found it difficult to get reliable, unbiased information to help my business grow. At the seminar, there were members of every facet of the industry telling me exactly what I wanted to learn.

I look forward to someday (soon) giving back, by being a sponsor or presenter at a future GS Seminar.

If I wore a hat, it would be off to you and your organization right now.


Eric Deane




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