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A Thing Cut the Cord!


Cut the Cord!


If you’re an ISO selling to craft fairs, trade shows, kiosks, and home “party” sales, this article is for you. Even if you don’t serve those markets, you should read on as this product has an application for traditional merchants as well.

VeriFone and BellSouth Wireless Data recently debuted the Omni 3200M wireless POS terminal. The 3200M accepts debit, credit, and EBT payment without access to a phone line; all that is needed is power.

Even if you sell solely to storefront merchants, the Omni 3200M may still meet your needs. For instance, if your merchant is conducting a sidewalk sale or off-premise promotion, the terminal can be used. Or, if the merchant experiences temporary surges in checkout activity, the 3200M can be employed to expand their checkout lanes. The integrated printer eliminates the need for additional cables.

“Going from our old terminal to the Omni 3200M is like upgrading to a sports car,” said Chris Kimball, owner of VoicePointe, a participant in the NOVA 3200M pilot project. “The ability to set up shop wherever there is access to power lets us easily accept payments at tradeshows or at temporary promotional events held away from our store.”

Tim Barnett, senior vice president of product marketing at NOVA said, “The 3200M is a natural extension of the popular Omni 3200. Now customers can easily adapt to the latest wireless technology to realize greater throughput and flexibility at the point-of-sale.”

BellSouth Wireless Data operates service throughout the United States, covering more than 93% of the urban business population. For more information e-mail or visit their Web site at More information about the 3200M can be found on VeriFone’s Web site at and in the August issue of GSQ.


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