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A Thing Attorney(s) to the Rescue


Attorney(s) to the Rescue


A re you an ISO or MSP dealing with a troubled/MATCH listed merchant account or a merchant with a credit card problem? If so, help is on the way.

The Law Office of Anthony L. Ogden has concentrated on legal dilemmas associated with merchant processing for the past six years. Ogden says he has developed his practice to benefit ISOs and merchants and he tells us the need is so great that he recently joined forces with Texas Attorney Tony Osei, his former law school roommate from Georgetown University.

Osei and California-based Ogden have titled their expanded practice “Bank Card Law.” The pair of legal eagles is preparing to launch a new Web site for the financial services industry. The new Web address will be and should be operative later this month. For now, you can visit the Web site at

The current Web site has useful general information and a secure input form for the Web site visitor to submit inquiries for response from Bank Card Law. “We want accessibility,” Ogden said. “We want the players in the industry to have access to information and services that they presently do not. One of the best ways to do this is through our new Web site.”

Ogden said the site will subsume everything from his previous Web site,, but will offer more choices of card industry information, resources, and links to services for the Web site visitor.

As Ogden sees it, merchant accounts held at acquiring banks for processing credit card transactions are a valuable resource for the merchants, banks, and the ISOs/MSPs who set up these accounts. Anything that disrupts the ability of merchants, ISOs/MSPs, and banks to smoothly operate these accounts harms the entire industry.

The laws, regulations, and guidelines which apply to merchant card transactions can often be obscure, elusive, and ill defined, at best. The result is that merchants, banks, and ISOs/MSPs, along with the card issuing entities themselves, all wind up losing valuable income, Ogden says.

Bank Card Law provides legal and consulting services designed to facilitate merchant bankcard processing. Bank Card Law specializes in arranging cooperative, informal (out-of-court) resolutions of merchant account problems through representation of the merchant and employment of a strategic interface with MasterCard, Visa, acquiring banks, ISOs/MSPs, processors, and merchants. Emphasis is placed on creating preventative measures to help the interested parties avoid conflicts, which often result in court battles. Issues addressed include Acquirer and Merchant loss, account termination, MATCH listing, fraud, and chargebacks. The goal is to retain and restore valuable merchant accounts in a dynamic and extremely competitive industry. “Especially since the advent of e-commerce, there is a rapidly growing, under-served segment of the acquiring industry,” Ogden said.

Ogden concluded, “Fragmentation of the industry impedes the progress desired by all. BCL is in touch with all sectors of the card industry and every player says they want the same thing—prosperity and reduced risk. But due to fragmentation, no one comes together to achieve that goal. At Bank Card Law, we want to be the interface—the hub of the wheel connecting the fragmented industry spokes, enabling the wheels to turn in the right direction, and move the industry forward.”

For more information about Bank Card Law, or if you have a financial services industry legal question, visit the current Web site, or later in the month visit the new Web site at

Be sure to check your future Green Sheet issues for our new article series, Bankcard Law, authored by Tony Ogden and Tony Osei.


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