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Check Back


W e’ve all heard the dreaded five words. You know what we’re talking about: Check Back in Six Months. What this statement means is that there is something the prospect is either unwilling or unable to share with us at this time.

When we hear this objection, it usually indicates that we have done one of the following:

1. Failed to qualify the prospect.

2. Failed to make the product fit their needs.

3. Left the door open for an easy exit.

Whatever the cause, it’s a dilemma we have created and therefore, one we can correct.

1. Qualify the prospect: This person might not be the decision maker and for whatever reason (pride, convenience) he would rather tell you to come back than give you the name of the appropriate person. Start over and find the appropriate contact.

2. Make the product fit their needs: Sometimes we focus on what our product is rather than what the prospect needs, usually because we are intent on presenting our product, rather than listening. Don’t panic. The situation can be corrected simply by asking the prospect what he wants from your service and then listening.

3. Easy exit: You may be tempted to do exactly what the prospect suggests—leave. He may be successful in convincing you that he isn’t worth your time. But don’t let him. If, in your judgment, you should not waste your resources on this prospect but instead focus on “bigger fish,” that is your call. But I have yet to find a fish, and a residual check, that I prefer to toss back. Small fish can add up to big money. 

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