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A Thing A Giveway They'll Keep


A Giveaway They'll Keep


H ow many pens, key chains, and buttons did you pick up at the ETA show in Las Vegas? How many of them did you actually use? (No, giving them to your kids does not count.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a promotional item at a trade show that you could actually use? Even better, wouldn’t it be nice if your company name was on that item and others used it? And, it cost around a quarter?

Well, stop dreaming and call Nichols Marketing—the agent for the CardBook cardholder. The CardBook is a mini cardholder and checkbook type register, perfect for holding a debit card and recording debit transactions. CardBooks have a hardwearing cover, which can be customized with your company logo, name, address, and phone number.

To find out how to order the CardBook, call Ken Nichols at (914) 624-0912.

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