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Letters to the Editor



I read your article on security in the March 6 issue. I don’t know if you were aware but, AntiOnline was hacked recently. While I can give them credit for having the gumption to list their own site in their “Hacked Web site Archive,” it is going to be difficult for me (someone responsible for bank security) to trust someone who can’t even secure their own Web site.

Just FYI. Do with it as you please. Here’s what the Web site looked like after the hackers got done with it. Not necessarily good advertising.

P.S. ADM is the hacking group.

Thanks for the great newsletter,

Bryan Laws

City National Bank



Thanks so much for the information, it would seem no one’s site is beyond hacking, if the hacker has the right knowledge. This is exactly the reason bankcard numbers should not be stored on an organization’s Web page.

Good Selling!

Paul H. Green


Dear Sir:

I read your article on Check Guarantee Services (CGS Worldwide). We signed a contract with them and cancelled it in three days (March 1998). They acknowledged the cancellation in May 1998. In September of 1999, one of our NSF checks was sent to CGS. We did not know this until I went to the bank. I called CGS immediately, faxed them a copy of the cancellation notice they sent us, and requested the check be returned. They deposited the check ($548.91). Understand, we no longer had a contract with CGS. When we sent them a demand letter, they filed a petition for declaratory judgment and received a default judgment. All this took place in Texas without a contract. The Better Business Bureau now has 174 complaints against this company. I have contacted the Attorney General’s office in Texas and they have tried to mediate this matter. By the way, they [CGS] have charged us $250.00 to cancel our contract with them. We have yet to get the $548.91 returned. Any help would be appreciated.

Paula Ostow



Since we published the story on Check Guarantee Service (CGS Worldwide) we have received many more complaints, including yours. We are not surprised that based on the receipt of these complaints, the Texas AG’s office has grown from the 30 complaints that we reported in our story, to the 174 you now note.

My experience is that since 1965 many “check approval” companies have come into existence, and many more will be born (in my mind driven by the allure of check conversion). Failure rates have always been high (4 out of 5), and like the recent failure of GPST and QuickCheck, there will be many more.

Sales professionals need to be wary.

Good Selling! Paul H. Green

To The Green Sheet:

Please send me some more information on how much it would cost to advertise for employment with The Green Sheet. I also need to know how long it is posted on your site.

Thank you,

Robin Levine

Regional Human Resource Director


Dear Robin:

The classified advertising on The Green Sheet Online is free. Ads are kept for 90 days or deleted upon request. Just go to, click on “Classified Ads” and post your ad.

For information about display advertising, Resource Guide listings, and other opportunities please call (800) 757-4441.

Good Selling,

Julie O’Ryan-Dempsey



Do you have any information on how to start my own ISO company in California?

Appreciate all the information.

B. Kharrazi


B. Kharrazi:

Please visit our Web site at and go to “FAQs”. Everything you need to know to get started is listed there.

Good Selling!

The Green Sheet

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