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I nternet start up Cybermoola, Inc., has announced an alliance with Catalina Marketing that makes Cybermoola’s prepaid Internet shopping cards available at supermarkets.

Beginning in April, in certain West Coast markets consumers can go to their neighborhood supermarket, take cash from their pockets, and purchase Cybermoola cards, converting cash to Internet spendable cash without a credit card. The Cybermoola can then be used to purchase music, books, clothes, sporting goods, electronics, and more at a variety of Web stores. Consumers purchasing Cybermoola at the supermarket receive a certificate printed from the Catalina Marketing Network printer that contains a 16-digit unique serial number (USN). Each certificate will have a stored dollar value equal to the amount paid to the cashier and is activated by going to

“Cybermoola’s alliance with Catalina Marketing Corp. enables people without credit cards, especially teens, to fully enjoy for the first time the convenience of Internet shopping,” says Eric Freeman, chief executive officer of Cybermoola, Inc. Teens spent approximately $153 billion in 1999, according to Teenage Research unlimited, with almost none spent on the Internet. In contrast, adults spent approximately $20 billion online last year, according to Forrester Research. “I think Cybermoola is a great idea because you don’t have to bug your parents constantly to use their credit cards,” says Tracy P., age 17, a Cybermoola user from Redwood City, CA.

Cybermoola’s initial test market focuses on the Western U.S. Cybermoola will eventually be available to all 14,000 supermarket locations in Catalina’s network, enabling most major supermarket chains to sell Cybermoola prepaid Internet shopping cards.

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