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A Thing Six

Sell What They’re Buying 

I t’s not what you’re selling, it’s what your prospect is buying.

     Let me say that again. It’s not what you’re selling, it’s what your prospect is buying.

     This is so important because it doesn’t matter if you’re selling pork rinds or beachfront condos if no one is buying. A non-sale of pork rinds is worth just a much as a non-sale of a beachfront property—zilch.

     The good news is, you can supply what you’re prospect is buying. The key is finding out what they want to buy (security, increased sales, access to a wider market) and positioning your product or service so that it becomes what they’re buying.

     For instance, if a merchant tells you he is working on a marketing campaign to reach a wider audience, this may be the time to start talking about a click and order location to complement their brick and mortar locale. Or, if the merchant is looking into ways to increase security while increasing sales, you may want to talk about gift card programs as well as check guarantee or verification.

     By simply listening to what your prospect is in the market to purchase and aligning your product or service with that need, you can almost guarantee the sale!

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