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US Wireless Data Inc. (USWD), and Certified Merchant Services (CMS) have joined forces. CMS is now offering their merchants payment terminals powered by USWD’s Wireless Express Payment Services (WEPS). The agreement allows Certified Merchant Services to service more merchant segments such as stadiums, taxis, and delivery services.

As you know from previous GS articles, WEPS is a suite of wireless transport services and server technology designed to deliver payment transactions securely. The service supports encryption, real time diagnostic capability, and online, real time reporting capabilities.

“Our success can be directly attributed to our commitment to providing our merchant with high quality solutions to fit their needs, said Jon Frankel, president of Certified Merchant Services. “With WEPS we not only have a way to satisfy our customers requirement for mobile payment technology, but we have a solution that our competitors can’t offer.”

WEPS-enabled terminals process transactions in 3 to 5 seconds, which is faster even than cash. Also, since a phone line is not needed, money can be saved on monthly phone charges. Finally, merchants can view a list of transactions in real time from their own Web-based login to WEPS.

For more information about Certified Merchant Services call (877) 309-1099. For more information about U.S. Wireless Data please call (510) 596-2025 or visit their Web site at

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