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More from the Future File

     If the idea of processing retail transactions on a palmtop, as mentioned in the previous article, is attractive to you, you’re gonna love this one. American Mobile Satellite Corporation and U.S. Wireless Data, Inc., have joined forces to allow merchants to process financial transactions virtually anywhere in the nation without the need for telephone lines.

     The partnership will provide end-to-end wireless transaction processing services for credit and debit cards. When American Mobile’s ARDIS® network is combined with U.S. Wireless Data’s Wireless Express Payment Services (WEPS), merchants can authorize credit and debit cards within 3 to 5 seconds.

     The application will allow merchants the flexibility to locate wherever customers want to conduct business and does not require telephone installation or monthly service. Once the card is “swiped,” the encrypted transaction data is sent via wireless modem over the ARDIS network to the WEPS server, which translates the information and sends it to the card processor. The processor authorizes the transaction and sends an approval code to the WEPS server, which translates the code and relays it to the terminal. Simultaneously, the WEPS server captures the data in a transaction report, which acquiring banks can access using a Web browser.

     The ARDIS network provides coverage in approximately 430 major markets serving more than 93 percent of the urban business population, including more than 11,000 cities and towns across the U.S.

     For more information access or www.Am 

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