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The Old Ball Game


     Are you thinking that the new decade is likely to be a major opportunity for you to sell POS equipment? The people at Hypercom are thinking just this way, and this is why: touch-screen based interactive terminals will replace PIN pads and they will face the consumer.

     These new terminal devices will deliver an array of valuable, Internet-accessed applications at the point-of-sale. Internet enabled electronic receipt capture, e-mail, advertising, and electronic coupons will, according to Jairo E. Gonzalez, Senior Executive Officer of Hypercom Corporation, become a reality for merchants, processors, banks, and even consumers. e-commerce will enable merchants to expand their market and generate new revenues.

     Merchants who want to maintain and increase their competitive edge will respond to this escalating consumer demand by bringing in a new generation of POS devices that are consumer-activated and interactive.

     “The year 2000 marks the beginning of tremendous change at the point-of-sale,” Gonzalez said in his address “The New Century Convergence” at Cartes ‘99 Exhibition & Conference. “The convergence of globalization, technology, consumerism, and the Internet, underscored by ever-increasing consumer demand, calls for a transformation at the point-of-sale. It is no longer a question of if or when. It is a fact that we as an industry must accept and act on if we are to survive and compete in the 21st century,” Gonzalez stated. “Capitalizing on this convergence to meet, and indeed exceed, the demands of consumers and merchants is clearly a fundamental imperative that one can no longer ignore.”

     “The point-of-sale industry as we know it today will be dramatically different,” Gonzalez declared. “What will emerge is a dynamic, visual, interactive enabling platform for commercial activity. New terminal devices will be part of integrated systems that are platforms for consumer-activated payment and information services. The devices will, in effect, be ‘narrowcast’ consumer channels that accept payments.”


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