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Giving back to our small business heroes

As the world gets into the holiday spirit, merchant level salespeople (MLSs) are getting into high gear, helping their merchant customers prepare for high-peak selling season. Austin Mac Nab, CEO at VizyPay, praised the small business community for their leadership and resilience during this most difficult year.

"Any business owner who starts a business risks losing it all if they don't succeed," Mac Nab said. "At VizyPay, we impact two different kinds of entrepreneurs: merchants who set up shop and our sales partners who support merchants as they build a residual book of business. These are the entrepreneurs we work with, day in and day out."

As he thought back to his early days in payments, when he was selling merchant services door-to-door at the age of eighteen, Mac Nab recalled finding things that he liked about the industry and other things he quickly set out to change, such as the following:

By SMBs for SMBs

Why is VizyPay so passionate about supporting small and midsize business owners? Because the company and its employees, channel partners and customers belong to the SMB community.

VizyPay's mission is to empower small business owners by offering options that other processors won't. We believe that they should be able to not only understand the fees associated with credit card processing but have the option to avoid them completely.

Our programs are customizable to fit every need and every industry so we can help businesses operate at their best.

Mac Nab further noted that VizyPay was founded by small business owners to look out for small business owners and that mentality still drives the company today. Then he smiled and said, "People see how fast we're growing and they say, that's all well and good but pretty soon you'll be just like all the other big dinosaurs. You'll get big and powerful and forget your small business roots. Ask anyone who works here and they'll tell you, that's not going to happen."

Look Local First

VizyPay is growing fast but will always keep our lean and agile mentality, Mac Nab stated. It starts with our company's culture that allows us to be a speedboat no matter how big we get. And it continues with our people, who we celebrate every day. Talk to our janitor, a shipping clerk or the top guy like me. Talk to our recruiter or talk to a director. Every single person you talk to will have the same mindset as I do. We want to do the right thing for business owners, show the truth behind payments processing, make life-changing money and do it the right way.

Small businesses and independent agents need an advocate, someone who is actively working on their behalf. That's why VizyPay exists, Mac Nab said, and that's why we created the Look Local First movement. This holiday season, let's show our small business owners how much they mean to our families and communities.

VizyPay sends you our very best wishes this holiday season. For more information about how VizyPay can make a difference for you and your family, visit

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Giving back to our small business heroes