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Wednesday, October 07, 2020 — 19:21:35 (EDT)

USAePay, Biller Genie partner to drive AR automation, innovation

MIAMI – Oct 7, 2020 -- Biller Genie, an award-winning, cloud-based solution that automates accounts receivable from bill presentment to reconciliation, announces a strategic new partnership with industry-leading payment gateway company, USAePay. USAePay has partnered with Biller Genie to offer its customers a seamless integration to their accounting software resulting in an easier way to easier way to collect, process, and automatically reconcile credit card payments online.

Through this partnership, USAePay merchants will be able to use Biller Genie to connect to their accounting software at a click of a button, which allows them to easily send invoices, collect payments and automatically reconcile to their accounting software. Biller Genie is offering USAePay merchants’ access to its premium plan with advanced A/R automation features like: automatically following up on invoices with reminders, accepting payments via credit card and ACH, a branded customer portal, and more, for a discounted price for the first 30 days.

“USAePay is known for providing businesses with innovative technology solutions that go beyond payments to enable them to be more efficient,” said Biller Genie CEO & Founder, Thomas Aronica. “We believe this partnership is illustrative of the advances that are underway — and still to come — in accounts receivable automation, and we look forward to adding value throughout the entire payments ecosystem.”

Biller Genie is an innovative cloud-based solution that automates accounts receivable from bill presentment, follow up, collection, and reconciliation -- without changing a business’ current process. Biller Genie synchronizes with popular accounting software, like QuickBooks, Xero and AccountingSuite, to improve and simplify the way they process their accounts receivable. They can be set up in minutes, don’t need to learn new software and can keep their existing payment processor. The Genie does the heavy lifting and automatically sends out invoices, payment reminders, follow up messages, late fees, and reconciles back into the accounting software.

“Businesses rarely change their accounting software due to the tremendous disruption that it causes to their current processes,” said Biller Genie President, Garima Shah. “This partnership enables USAePay customers to seamlessly integrate their existing payment systems without needing to change their current accounting software or workflow.”

In early 2020, Shah, a former financial technology executive at some of the top payment providers in the country, joined Biller Genie as president. She has more than 17 years of experience working in key leadership positions and has served as head of US sales for eMerchantPay, successfully launching the company’s entry into the US market, and has held other notable positions such as Senior VP at Century Payments and Chief Business Development Officer at Direct Connect.

“Biller Genie is one of the most innovative businesses in the fintech space and our relationship provides our merchants with a very effective solution that can help improve their cash flow, increasing processing volume” said USAePay president, Martin Drake. “COVID-19 has heavily impacted our economy and this partnership will be very beneficial to businesses during these uncertain times”.

Biller Genie’s services have been especially valuable during the pandemic for businesses. In the last month, Biller Genie has seen an increase in sales as businesses have realized they can work with Biller Genie to help perform a lot of the busy work and accelerate cash flow while dedicating the employees and the resources of their team for success, growth and business continuity. The company is confident that this efficiency will be even more critical as businesses face and recover from the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic and shift towards accounting in the cloud in a remote work/cost-conscious environment.

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About Biller Genie

Based in Miami, Florida, Biller Genie is a cloud-based accounts receivable automation and e-invoicing solution that automates accounts receivable from bill presentment, to follow up, collection, and reconciliation - without changing your current process. The Genie does all the heavy lifting for you with no new software to learn, it easily integrates with your accounting system, and you get to keep your existing payment processor. Biller Genie helps businesses reduce their overdue invoices by 40%, saves 10-20 hours of administrative work per week, and gets them paid 15 days faster. In the past year, Biller Genie has been recognized and awarded at numerous industry and business start-up competitions, including winning the FinTech track for the Miami Herald Startup Pitch Competition 2020, Electronic Payment Association’s NexTen Award, 2019 CPA Practice Advisor’s Technology Innovation Award, Money 20/20 Startup Academy, and more. To learn more about Biller Genie, please visit

About USAePay

USAePay is one of the industry-leading payment gateway companies. USAePay offers advanced technology solutions, with over 20 years in the industry, the company has been assisting Merchants with payment solutions to fit their needs. USAePay’s payment gateway supports most of the major platforms in the credit card industry and works with some of the leading check platforms. USAePay is pleased to work with most of the larger Merchant service banks in the US and Canada. To learn more about USAePay, please visit