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Tuesday, July 18, 2017 — 12:12:45 (EDT)

USAePay launches Connection Manager Pro payment engine software

Glendale, Calif., July 18, 2017 -- Privately held and operated, USAePay has been a leading payment gateway since 1998 helping developers, resellers, and merchants with advanced payment solutions. Earlier this year, USAePay launched its Payment Engine middleware library for developers to integrate USAePay’s EMV solutions. Today, the company is introducing the new Payment Engine software called the Connection Manager Pro.

This groundbreaking software is an enterprise version of the device manager tool available in USAePay’s virtual terminal. The Connection Manager Pro is ideal for companies that need to manage several EMV devices remotely. Users can log into USAePay’s developer portal where they are capable of handling thousands of EMV devices from multiple locations. This outstanding solution will allow developers to deploy multiple locations remotely by rebooting, restoring and re-pairing EMV devices.

"This is a game-changing application. In a continuing push by USAePay to deliver enterprise level solutions we are proud to debut Connection Manager Pro. Multi-location merchants can now manage thousands of EMV payment devices from a single web interface. Managing these devices is now available across multiple merchant accounts. This is an immense efficiency boost for operational teams deploying and supporting these payment devices," said Vlad Galyuz, VP of Product Development at USAePay.

The Connection Manager Pro virtual appliance is intended for large scale deployments. Devices are managed through the developer portal web interface. Developers have the ability to register for a free developer’s account to connect and manage numerous EMV devices through the developer portal.

USAePay works hard to improve their services for developers by adding new software and hardware compatibilities to their payment platform. The Connection Manager Pro is a revolutionary software that gives developers the convenience of managing multiple EMV devices without physically being at the locations. Please contact the Channel sales department at Resellers(at)USAePay(dot)com to learn more about the Payment Engine Connection Manager Pro.

About USAePay:
USAePay is an industry leading payment gateway offering channel friendly payment solutions based in Los Angeles, CA. USAePay takes pride in its high-level security, making it a priority and ensuring transactions processed securely. The industry leading payment gateway is one of the first to become Level-1 PCI Compliant, continually developing ways to improve the service they offer to clients.

Source: Company press release.