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Monday, February 13, 2017 — 11:50:45 (EST)

USAePay launches Payment Engine middleware library for developers

Glendale, Calif., Feb. 13, 2017 -- USAePay is a leading payment gateway that offers advanced tools to assist developers in integrating with their solutions. From basic integration libraries to a list of API languages, developers have the ability to integrate quickly and focus on growing their business. Today, USAePay launched its Payment Engine middleware library for developers to integrate USAePay’s EMV solutions.

The Payment Engine is a middleware library that provides a simple, robust software integration for developers. The library has an easy method of implementing EMV terminals that work on USAePay’s mobile and cloud-based applications. Once developers integrate their software to the Payment Engine middleware, they will have the choice of using EMV capable terminals from such companies as Verifone, Ingenico, and Castle.

"We at USAePay feel that to make the most of the EMV transition, merchants will need a robust software library. The Payment Engine is exactly that. It leverages all of USAePay’s EMV certifications and presents customers with a choice of full featured terminals. Let USAePay handle the complexities of EMV implementations while the developer does a one time integration, eliminating EMV pain points,” said Tim McEwen, CTO at USAePay.

There are many advantages to the Payment Engine middleware library for developers. The library includes a rich set of API calls that allows users to manage devices and initiate transactions with seamless access to supported EMV terminals. Without developers going through the hassle of EMV certification, the Payment Engine platform features built-in terminal inventory and software management tools. It also ensures merchant devices are automatically updated and gives developers flexible middleware integration for EMV processing solutions.

USAePay works hard to improve their services for developers, by adding new libraries and hardware compatibilities to their payment platform. Payment Engine is an innovative middleware library that gives developers quality of utilizing EMV devices that work on USAePay’s mobile and cloud-based applications. Please visit to learn more about the Payment Engine middleware library.

About USAePay:
USAePay is an industry leading payment gateway offering channel friendly payment solutions based in Los Angeles, CA. USAePay takes pride in its high-level security, making it a priority and ensuring transactions processed securely. The industry leading payment gateway is one of the first to become Level-1 PCI Compliant, continually developing ways to improve the service they offer to clients.

Source: Company press release.