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Expanding the EMV horizon

USAePay Middleware Library

Payment gateway technology is an integral component to any merchant’s payment management system. In fact, since the advent of IP-based payments, the gateway has been the primary system component for securing and authenticating cardholder information at the point of transaction.

Gateway technology supports online shopping transactions and payments made through POS software. Application program interface (API) language is also used to integrate the gateway with a merchant’s POS countertop terminal or shopping cart application to ensure key transaction data is transferred in real time to a merchant’s business software. On the front end, the gateway handles the sensitive cardholder data, encrypting it to ensure card brand compliance laws can be upheld.

For those merchants still using traditional countertop terminals, gateway technology is also instrumental in automating their daily transaction batches and enabling real-time access to daily transaction data through a web-based portal. With the recent implementation of EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) security regulations in the United States, terminal-based merchants are also using gateway APIs to link their terminals to EMV middleware to ensure compliance.

In all cases, the gateway plays a vital part in facilitating that every transaction is secure and data can seamlessly pass to and through other applications.

Developer’s friend

“USAePay is a leading payment gateway that offers advanced tools to assist developers in integrating with their solutions,” said Ben Goretsky, USAePay President and CEO. “From basic integration libraries to a list of API languages, developers have the ability to integrate quickly and focus on growing their business.”

The technology and code behind the gateway is what enables third-party developers, ecommerce website builders and merchant-side POS and terminal programmers to create a seamless data exchange. Often, a simple API is all that needs to be installed to link a piece of equipment or POS software to a middleware application. Therefore, developers need quick access to any API resource they require to ensure a merchant’s payment system can be up and running quickly.

This requirement is what inspired USAePay to create their proprietary developer libraries. USAePay offers a basic integration library (with a list of compatible API languages) and they recently launched the Payment Engine middleware library for developers that are integrating EMV middleware solutions.

Convenient EMV upgrades

The Payment Engine is a middleware library that provides simple, robust software integration resources for developers to bring terminal-based merchants into EMV compliance.

The library is an easy method of implementing the EMV terminals that work on USAePay’s mobile and cloud-based applications. Once developers integrate their software with the Payment Engine middleware, they will have the choice of using EMV capable terminals from such companies as Verifone, Ingenico and Castles.

"We at USAePay feel that to make the most of the EMV transition, merchants will need a robust software library. The Payment Engine is exactly that. It leverages all of USAePay’s EMV certifications and presents customers with a choice of full featured terminals,” said Tim McEwen, Chief Technology Officer at USAePay.

There are many advantages to the Payment Engine middleware library for developers. The library includes a rich set of API calls that allows users to manage devices and initiate transactions with seamless access to supported EMV terminals. Without developers going through the hassle of EMV certification, the Payment Engine platform features built-in terminal inventory and software management tools. It also ensures merchant devices are automatically updated and gives developers flexible middleware integration for EMV processing solutions.

USAePay works hard to improve their services for developers. By adding new libraries and hardware compatibilities to their payment platform, USAePay is focused on ensuring merchant-side professionals are equipped with everything they need to ensure merchant transactions are compliant, secure and always up to date with the latest enhancements. The Payment Engine is just one more example of this commitment.

To learn more about USAePay, its services and the Payment Engine middleware library, please visit the USAePay website or contact them directly at 1-866-USAePay.

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