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Innovating the gateway

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Today’s payments environment, and what has been an ever-changing merchant landscape in recent years, has also inspired gateway functionality to evolve. As a result, processors looking for a third-party gateway partner are now evaluating a gateway’s ability to innovate just as closely as they look at its security, compliance and usability.

“Gateway technology has been a core part of the payments ecosystem for nearly two decades now,” said Martin Drake, President of gateway provider USAePay. “While it’s true that any gateway product must diversify with the industry to stay relevant, the providers who think outside of the box and use the inherent strengths built into their technologies to solve marketplace issues, are the ones that will stand out.”

A merchant’s issues have moved beyond the day-to-day functionality of the gateway. While automated batching and reporting, encryption and real-time access to transaction data are still paramount to a merchant, their world is becoming more and more digitized by the day. They are also being faced with meeting an increasing level of compliance and security requirements that impact their bottom line and ability to become more efficient.

These merchant-level challenges, and the desire of the processors to resolve them, have inspired USAePay to further harness the power of its gateway technology to provide a new set of capabilities the merchant will benefit from at the point of purchase and beyond.

All encompassing console

With the recent release of the newest version of the USAePay Merchant Console, merchants now have enhanced ways to manage customer orders and manage their product database. The interface is not only convenient and simple to use; it promotes productivity with its streamlined functionalities.

The updated virtual terminal features have been optimized to make managing batches, customized reports, fraud modules, and processing transactions a breeze. The interface is more intuitively designed and configured to function more like the other apps every merchant is now accustomed to using.

"The online user experience has changed drastically over the past few years. Users expect more and demand more from online interfaces. The new merchant console not only meets those demands but exceeds it. It truly is the console for today's merchant," said Ben Goretsky, CEO at USAePay.

The console has also been enhanced with two new groundbreaking features. The invoice manager enables a merchant to add or customize invoices by using built-in and template-styled functionality. A merchant can now configure invoices quickly by adding products, taxes, footer messaging, and branding all in the same environment they handle other transaction-based activities. In addition to reducing the number of places a merchant has to go to manage these activities, this feature reduces the risk of manual invoice errors, eliminates paper invoice costs and also enables a merchant to invoice digitally.

Seamless device management and compliance

The new retail device manager feature in the USAePay gateway console provides merchants with the ability to connect all of their devices to the console through a WiFi network or a Bluetooth connection while also managing those transactions online. This not only enables the merchant to handle swipe, EMV and contactless transactions all in one place from a remote or desktop computer device, it also serves as a solution for managing EMV transactions online.

Through this feature, merchants now have the ability to pair their EMV devices to the console, and use the all-in-one online interface to process every terminal-based transaction without worrying about or sacrificing compliance.

“The solution we offer is unlike any other being offered today for EMV,” said Ben Goretsky, CEO at USAePay. “Using any browser on any computer, merchants can today process EMV quickly and securely through our merchant console interface.”

The application is compatible to work with macOS and Windows-based web browsers and gives users the choice of using EMV-certified hardware solutions from Verifone, Ingenico and Castle. It not only processes EMV card transactions, it accommodates swiped transactions and accepts Apple Pay and Samsung Pay contactless transactions as well.

“This is USAePay’s fully-compliant answer for the growing number of merchants that are looking to manage their POS activity alongside the rest of their day-to-day business activity” concluded Drake. “We’re working hard to use our technology to bring efficiency and additional usability into every merchant environment, without compromising the rising need for compliance and security.”

If you would like to know more about the innovations USAePay can offer you and your customers, or would like to explore a rewarding partnership with USAePay, you are invited to visit the website at or contact the company directly at 1-866-USAePay.

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