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Security always matters

Payment Gateway Security

In today’s digital age, one of the most critical features of a payment gateway is security. In fact, most payment professionals will tell you the payment gateway is what protects every transaction. While this assessment isn’t that far off, other security measures on the processing and merchant sides must also be in place to complement the gateway’s security framework. Altogether, they constitute a robust and risk-free environment that is safe from payment fraud.

“Having a certified, reputable and reliable gateway solution behind transactions is paramount to ensuring a merchant’s payment services architecture is 100% safe from outside intruders,” said Ben Goretsky, CEO at USAePay. “This means the savvy merchant will want to know details about gateway up time, credentials and version upgrade practices before they sign on with any merchant services provider, POS company or payment-enabled software maker.”

Due diligence pays off

Of course, if you’re one of these service providers, you will also want to strategically align with a gateway partner that will back you and your customers up every step of the way. Therefore, you’ll need to do up-front due diligence to review security practices and how a gateway service provider’s overall support model works long before you forge a partnership agreement or begin boarding customers.

Additionally, it is good to know what practices the third-party gateway provider has in place for communicating critical information about security practices and certifications both to you, and more importantly, to your customer. If you’re looking to integrate a third-party gateway into your software, you’ll also want to be assured the gateway partner is completely forthcoming about their internal practices for upgrading security standards, and staying abreast of the latest security initiatives within the payments industry.

A stellar record

“USAePay offers a documented 99.99% up-time and integrity record and an uncompromised promise that our technologies are always in compliance with the latest security standards within the industry,” continued Martin Drake, President at USAePay.

USAePay is working around the clock to ensure security standards are always above par with the industry’s requirements. The company’s #1 ambition is to “always be in compliance” and this commitment shows through in the constant effort that is invested in keeping USAePay’s security standards above par, their success in maintaining a 99.99% documented integrity record, and the continuous improvements they are making to their technologies to enhance security and reduce risk.

USAePay is also careful to only align with merchant services, software and POS partners that are equally as committed to security as they are, and those who will keep an open communication channel intact to always work collaboratively on risk and security.

Communication is also a key element to USAePay’s support package. It doesn’t matter if the relationship involves a white-labeled program or is direct facing; USAePay understands their role in passing critical security-related information through the partner and ensuring the right information gets to the end user.

The strength of the security behind USAePay’s gateway is also ubiquitous, meaning the technology and the security standards that back it up, apply to all of their channels of business. This gives USAePay an economies-of-scale advantage over some other gateway service providers and helps the security experts at USAePay concentrate on one, end-to-end solution that is always secure and operationally sound.

If you would like to know more about USAePay’s security practices, gateway technology or the solution set we provide for your business channel, please visit our website or contact us directly at 1-866-USAePay.

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