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The coding behind your USAePay integration

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Technology integrations have now become a worldwide norm for connecting value-added functionality with enterprise-level business applications. It doesn’t matter if a company is using a software application to track inventory, handle accounting functions, or map a sales pipeline, the power of sharing data between platforms lies in the code behind the integration.

In the case of POS-based payments, the integration model is particularly important. Not only are there hundreds of POS software systems available for merchants to choose from, but each of these systems must be powered by payment gateway integration in order to process transactions. Moreover, the payment gateway technology is what ensures a software application remains in compliance with the latest PCI and EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) standards, in addition to providing a robust administrative layer that easily integrates viewable data into the POS dashboard interface.

None of these critical software integration functions would be possible without a best practice string of code, better known as the API (application programming interface). This code is what enables two unique solutions to sync and transport data between them. In addition to providing best practice functionality, the base API code must also be enriched with important security parameters to ward off hackers that may try to use the gateway API as an open door to compromise either system.

“The API serves as the technology bridge that technology developers use to allow unique data sets to pass between one unique application and another,” explained Vlad Galyuz, USAePay Vice President of Product Development. “At USAePay, we place great emphasis on ensuring our API model is not only secure and functional, but also that the API itself is easy for our customers to plug into virtually any POS or online commerce application.”

Turnkey technology and support model

Structured much like other value-added software plug-ins, the USAePay API deployment is also accompanied with user-friendly technical documentation that is designed to guide software development partners through a step-by-step implementation process. This standardized documentation includes everything a developer needs to effectively set-up a link between their software and the USAePay gateway. USAePay also offers personalized hands-on technical support in the event additional in-person guidance is needed.

“Our technical support team is always standing by to assist our partners with getting their gateway integrations in place and running smoothly right away,” continued Galyuz. “However, we have found most of our software partners have little trouble implementing the gateway when they follow the easy step-by-step API documentation we supply them.” In addition, since USAePay has been supporting successful payment gateway integrations and updates for over fifteen years, the integrity of their API code is par-none. The code is complete, functional and trouble-free, making every USAePay integration seamless and essentially worry free.

USAePay has also implemented an easy upgrade process for gateway API compliance and version upgrades. Customers are provided well documented download instructions and dedicated technicians are in place to ensure every customer has whatever they need to bring their system into compliance upon notice of a version upgrade.

“USAePay is dedicated to supporting its gateway development customers with everything they need to avoid compliance lapses or obtain swift answers to upgrade questions,” said Ben Goretsky, USAePay CEO and Founder. “Our company’s reputation was built on our dedication to the customer and upholding the core values of friendliness and support. We want to ensure all API downloads go smoothly and our customers take pride in using our gateway products to transact business.”

If you are a software provider or developer looking for an excellent payment gateway partner, or an ISO that supports a portfolio of POS or business software partners, you are invited to contact USAepay today to learn more. Feel free to call us directly at 1-866-USAePay or visit our website at

We’re excited to hear from you and are standing ready to help you with all your payment gateway API needs.

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