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Great tech, great people who go the extra mile

Ever since 1998, USAePay has provided a reliable engine for in-store, online, mobile and digital transactions. While the company's gateway has clearly stood the test of time, co-founders Ben Goretsky and Alex Goretsky attribute their success to the people behind the technology. The relationship managers and support teams who go the extra mile are our greatest assets, they say.

"Relationships are a core value at USAePay," Ben Goretsky said. "We collaborate with partners and resellers from across the payments ecosystem. When they are successful, we are successful."

This focus on relationships is the driving force behind the company's success, Goretsky stated, adding that this philosophy has helped USAePay become a respected global service provider. As part of its commitment to partners and resellers, USAePay never sells its services directly to merchants. Merchants who approach company representatives to inquire about services are redirected to a list of certified resellers on the company's website, he noted.

Service guarantee

The desire to go the extra mile permeates USAePay's culture, from stellar customer service to leading edge payments technology. One of the first payment gateways to achieve Level 1 PCI compliance, the company maintains consistently high security standards, with co-located data centers to ensure redundancy and always-on, always-connected transaction monitoring. Today's USAePay gateway is a trusted source of advanced tokenization and secure transaction routing for ISOs, processors, independent software vendors (ISVs) and third-party service providers.

New customers experience the USAePay commitment to relationships on Day One, with a warm welcome and one-to-one support as they set up and test their accounts. This personalized service gives new customers and developers a safe environment where they can test applications to ensure they are completely satisfied before a live deployment.

Personal attention also ensures that participants get the customized support they need and not a one-size-fits-all experience, according to Alex Goretsky, USAePay CFO and founder. "We recognize that no two resellers or partners are completely alike and that's why we take a fresh approach with each relationship," he explained. "Together with our partners we create an ideal environment that attracts new customers and keeps their existing merchants happy."

Extended family

“The whole idea of our reseller program is that it is custom made to any reseller,” added Alex Goretsky, USAePay CFO and Founder. “Tell us how you want to handle your merchants, and how they want to be handled, and we’ll work with you to accommodate that.”

USAePay's people and technology are there to support every partner and help them grow and scale, Goretsky added. Following are additional examples of how the company supports its extended family of partners and resellers:

For more information on USAePay, our signature gateway technology, or becoming one of our resellers, please visit our website or call us directly at 1-866-USAePay.

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