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USAePay: Powering the mobile payments ecosystem

Imagine intelligent money that makes recommendations based on consumer spend while letting shoppers add points and miles at checkout. Today’s mobile payments do all these things and more while providing more choices than ever before in how, when and where people can pay.

Mobile payments were on the rise even before a global pandemic. When Covid-19 raised concerns about touching physical surfaces and currencies, touchless and contactless payment methods enabled people to safely transact by tapping their phones and cards at POS terminals and kiosks. Vlad Galyuz, vice president, product development at USAePay, expects these solutions to remain a preferred payment method long after Covid-19.

“These payment methods are here to stay even after the pandemic because of their convenience, security, and overall adoption on the merchant and consumer side,” Galyuz said. “USAePay is ready to facilitate mobile contactless payments with our range of point-of-sale integrations and contactless-enabled payment terminals.”

Fast, simple, seamless

Merchants and consumers have always enjoyed speed, convenience and control when transacting with mobile devices, Galyuz noted. And behind the scenes, USAePay connects technologies, card brands and service providers to deliver fast, simple and seamless mobile commerce. These modern payment methods enable merchants to accept payments from anywhere and allow consumers to browse and buy from the comfort and safety of their own homes and devices.

As mobile adoption grows, end-users are looking for stores and brands that offer these payment options. Merchants find that mobile platforms help them attract new customers and deliver valuable insights into shopping habits and preferences. This information includes purchase information, from amount spent to the most- or least-used payment method. Merchants can use these insights to create targeted, personalized offers and messaging.

The mobile consumer

Today’s consumers have never had more options for paying and consequently, merchants are implementing multiple types of solutions to appeal to their customers’ diverse payment preferences.

Apple Pay acceptance

USAePay helps merchants accept Apple Pay in physical stores, websites and iOS mobile apps. When deploying in retail applications, this involves equipping merchants with NFC-capable POS devices that support Apple Pay.

When deploying in apps and on websites, merchants need to obtain an Apple merchant ID, processing certificate, domain registration and merchant identity certificate. Developers can use the USAePay Payment Engine and support to integrate their iOS apps into retail payment terminals.

Mobile wallet acceptance

USAePay partners with leading POS providers in numerous industries, using NFC technology to support a range of mobile wallet schemes, including Android Pay, Samsung Pay and more. A full list of supported POS/ERP systems is available on our website.

Merchants that accept mobile wallets at physical stores enable their customers to wave or tap NFC-enabled devices at the POS. These payment methods are becoming more popular among consumers who have become cautious about touching physical surfaces.

Another advantage of mobile wallet acceptance is that it facilitates impulse buying by making it easier than ever for customers to transact with phones, Android and Apple watches and other contactless form factors, without ever reaching for a physical wallet.

The mobile merchant

Today’s merchants are finding that they can accept and process payments anywhere using iOS and Android device applications that support Bluetooth-compatible peripherals such as contactless card readers and receipt printers.

Apple Pay and Android Pay

USAePay lets you transform any Android or Apple device into a complete checkout tool with diverse payment options, security features, and inventory management tools. These apps combined with an approved merchant account enable business owners to sell products and services on the go, capturing payments in retail stores and other settings.

USAePay Android and iOS mobile merchant apps support multiple payment methods. Available at the Apple App Store and Google Play, they are easy to install and safely process cash, credit cards, gift cards and checks. Their inventory management systems use built-in databases. They can be paired with card readers and Bluetooth receipt printers.

All transactions, data, and orders are stored on USAePay’s Level-1 PCI Compliant payment gateway. In the event that a device is lost, stolen or damaged, merchants can log in to the application on another device to retrieve transactions, orders, and batches.

Seamless integrations

USAePay provides a wide variety of tools, support and APIs that help developers quickly and securely integrate our payment gateway solutions into their systems and projects.

Our secure payment processing platform, supported by Level 1 PCI Compliance, is backed by live 24/7 customer support.

Together with our channel partners and resellers, USAePay powers the mobile payments ecosystem, securely processing mobile, ecommerce, card present and mail order/phone order transactions. In the fast-moving world of digital and mobile commerce, USAePay can help you grow and scale your business by delivering the ideal solution to every one of your clients.

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