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Finding better ways to TRANSACT

Months after the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) held its first ever virtual conference, the payments industry is still abuzz about the weeklong event and its impact on our collective future. Taking the iconic annual conference virtual was a momentous decision for ETA's CEO Jodie Kelley, but she weighed the options with her executive team and took decisive action.

"We had a robust internal discussion about what our community needs and how we could meet those needs,” Kelley said, in a June 2020 interview with The Green Sheet. "I'm proud of how fast we pivoted and especially pleased by the positive feedback we’ve received from TRANSACT Connect participants and sponsors."

Vlad Galyuz, vice president, product development at USAePay, described the annual conference as a fresh, exciting experience. "We were overwhelmed with positive feedback via the booth chat room and appointment meetings," he said. "USAePay was really inspired to see the amount of activity and traffic happening on the virtual stage."

Connecting the payments industry

By all accounts, TRANSACT Connect, held entirely online May 11-15, 2020, was more than a successful show. It was a reflection of how we move together as an industry, in so many ways. Here are a few examples:

Seamless integration: The show's seemingly effortless blend of live and prerecorded events kept attendees, exhibitors and sponsors engaged and connected.

Seamless integrations are a core value at USAePay, an industry leading payment gateway and channel friendly solutions provider. The company’s robust API and middleware libraries, flexible development environment and diverse shopping cart and POS options are all designed to securely connect ISOs, acquirers, and service providers across the payments ecosystem.

Trusted connections: The show's name, TRANSACT Connect, underscores the ETA's commitment to bring together a diverse cohort of payments industry stakeholders.

USAePay securely connects channel partners and their merchant customers through its Level 1 PCI compliant gateway, taking pride in its high-level security capabilities. The company works with processors, acquirers and service providers across the entire commerce value chain.

Digital transformation: The show leveraged advanced digital platforms to create a richly interactive experience while identifying bold new ways to transact and communicate.

USAePay has been leveraging digital technologies since its inception in 1998, when computers and the internet had limited capabilities. Cofounders Ben Goretsky and Alex Goretsky were virtual before virtual was cool. Seeing the growth potential of ecommerce, they collaborated with banks and processors to develop innovative digital payment solutions. To this day, the company remains committed to finding new and better ways to transact, connect and mitigate risk.

Payments industry leadership

Through the years, USAePay has developed extensive elements that enable client partners to do so much more, from running better reports, processing payments more efficiently and improving mobility and connectivity and protecting the cardholder data environment.

Ben Goretsky, CEO at USAePay, attributes the company’s success to playing well with others and recognizing that payments is an interdependent and interoperable business. "The ISO partnership model is our sales channel," he said. "We do not sell directly to merchants. The model we have with ISOs and banks is to provide fintech solutions, such as APIs, backend forms, mobile and EMV solutions."

After attending the ETA's annual conference for many years, Goretsky said he was curious about the virtual conference experience. Would it offer the same quality of networking, learning and opportunities for connecting, engaging and deal-making? As he and others soon discovered, the answer is a resounding YES.

From physical to virtual

As Kelley reflected on the success of TRANSACT Connect, she pointed out that humans have a powerful need to connect. In the absence of physical venues, this need will push us to look for other ways to reach out and learn from each other, she explained.

"The show has proven that we can deliver impactful content and foster connections online," Kelley said. "It will be interesting to see how many people registered for the event who had never been to a TRANSACT."

Galyuz agreed that virtual conferences will have a place in the post-COVID future of payments. "It has been interesting to see how conferences and payments have evolved over the years from physical processes to increasingly virtual interactions," he said. "We look forward to more digital experiences in the future."

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