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Let your true colors shine at Simpay

If you're a merchant services professional, you've probably heard that selling on rate is a race to zero and that agents need to be specialized and consultative to compete in today's market. That advice, however well-meaning, puts agents in the same box, instead of celebrating their individuality. At Simpay, we prefer to be a chameleon and let your true colors show through. Just be yourself and you'll attract new customers. People respond to authenticity.

All agents have a great story. Team up with a company who will help you showcase yours! You don't have to sound like everyone else. If you want to infuse humor, do it. If you like to use sports analogies, use them. Don't be afraid to let others see the real you. 

Get real

When it comes to helping merchants navigate the choppy waters of security, technology, social media and interchange, nobody does it better than a merchant level salesperson (MLS). Any time the industry has a major initiative, who do they call? They call the MLS, of course: the person who gets things done.

If there's anyone on the planet who understands how much the payments industry is changing, it's you. You're out there every day, moving our industry forward, one merchant at a time. Whenever there's a new trend, new payment terminal or new processor on the block, you're the first to know. Because you serve on the front lines of the payments industry.

Get sticky

Simpay can help you develop a tailored program that cements customer loyalty and brings them back to you again and again.

Most partners can only offer you 3 or 4 products. We think that's sad. After all, the more you have to offer, the more your clients will potentially buy. You increase your "stickiness" with your client. This makes it tougher and tougher for your merchants to ever say goodbye to you.

At the same time, placing more products with existing merchants brings you more income for less effort. It's a "triple win!"

END RESULT: A bigger residual stream for your retirement!

The best part is that Simpay's product suite is composed of things your merchants currently use. Take payroll, for example. They process payroll, just with another vendor. Simpay believes they should be using you for these services, and we will train you to have those conversations.

With Simpay, our new product training includes "how to sell the service." Plus, learning about new products at Simpay is not anything like sitting in a boring classroom. Our experts know that you're in it to win it and will do much more than show you the features and benefits. They will explain the unique value proposition of every product and service and why your merchants will care. You'll have the key "why to buy" points ready to go!

Simpay's expanding suite of customizable solutions includes the following products and services:

Card Processing – Simpay's card processing enables merchants to securely accept all forms of payments, including quick-chip EMV, contact, contactless, and mobile payments via digital wallets. Fast transaction times mean happier customers at check out. And secure transactions mean happier merchants. And, of course, next day funding and later batch out times are available.

POS Systems – Simpay's POS solutions are more than just equipment. These end-to-end, tailored solutions are designed to help retailers and restaurateurs manage every aspect of their businesses. Simpay can tailor the software to each merchant's industry and individual needs. This keeps the set-up burden off you and your merchant!

Payroll Services – Here's a service you can add and compete well against the "big boys" and local accountants. Simpay's Payroll team works with client in many industries, specializing in the unique payroll needs of the small businessperson with 3 to 103 employees. All an MLS has to do is sell the product and Simpay assigns a Payroll Relationship Manager to your merchant. You don't have to know anything about running a payroll. Our dedicated specialists ensure your merchant's payroll processes efficiently and correctly. You just sign up the merchant and collect residuals.

Real Time Card Transaction Portal: Simpay's card processing solution comes with access to a cloud-based secure portal that stores card transactions. Now it's a snap for your clients to track and analyze sales by location, time of day, station, batch status, and more. Because we also keep digital images of receipts, it's easier than ever to respond to retrieval requests and chargebacks. Plus, merchants get email notification when their batch closes. And everything is available IN REAL TIME! It's a great "add" to sell your merchants.

Gift Card: Simpay can help turn merchant gift card programs into cash-generating engines. You know what gift cards can do to improve a client's cash flow and attract consumers. And there are literally endless ways to promote specifically-themed gift cards to a merchant's customer database. Just ask us!

Merchant Cash Advance: Simpay can arrange cash advances secured and paid back via future credit card receivables. When your merchants need money for new equipment, a better store layout, inventory expansion, or a new marketing program, turn to Simpay. We've helped entrepreneurs around the country get the cash they need to move their businesses forward.

Multiple Support Options

Simpay will tailor our support efforts according to your preferences, not the other way around. If you're primarily writing new business, Simpay will give you the back-up you need to keep your merchant happy, long after you've signed the account and moved on. If you like to stay close to your merchants, we'll give you Level 2 help desk support and the tools you need to take care of their every whim.

All selling styles welcome

If you are a merchant level salesperson (MLS), the first thing we want to say is thank you. And the second thing we want to say is, don't change. At Simpay, we like you just the way you are.

Leave the heavy lifting to us: Have you ever told your merchants to relax and leave the processing to you, so that they can focus on their core business? We will tell you the same thing: as you build your book of business, we'll keep on adding value to your merchant relationships in multiple ways while improving the customer experience.

Simplify your business and life: Our goal here at Simpay is to make the life of the MLS simpler. We want to take work off your plate and put it on ours. We want to help you reclaim time back in your day.

Keep getting better: Simpay builds solutions that help you make more money, accomplish your goals faster, improve client retention, and make your life better.

Stick with us: At Simpay, we understand that you want to be your own boss and we'll give you a solid foundation for success. Because we want you to stick around for a long, long time.

If you've had it up to here with people telling you to change, welcome to the club! We accept all members, because we celebrate the one-of-a-kind agents this business attracts.

We'll give you the tools you need to be successful and an array of ways to make money. Payment processing is just one of many solutions at Simpay, from things you can grab off the shelf to customized solutions that we tailor for your customers. Let's structure a partnership that will help you grow and scale your business in your own unique way.

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Let your true colors shine at Simpay