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Tuesday, August 16, 2005 — 12:40:49 (EDT)

Research and Markets: What does the Future Hold for the Mobile Payments Market?

DUBLIN, Ireland--Aug. 16, 2005--Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Mobile Payments to their offering

Despite long being touted as the future of payments, there remain few examples of successful mpayment programs and little sign of significant development in this space. However, it is clear that mpayments hold significant potential. What is the scale of this potential? What does the future hold? Should card issuers enter this space? This briefing provides the answers.

This briefing considers the potential for consumer mpayments on a global level, and the factors inhibiting the market. The scale of the mpayment opportunity is considered at a regional level, along with the potential benefits card to issuers. In depth profiles of mpayment programs from across Japan and Europe provide a background to the discussion. Detailed analysis of the likely future of this market and the business case from the card issuer perspective are provided.

Despite the optimistic forecasts for the development of mpayments, there remain few examples of successful programs. However, this is a market that holds significant potential. Mobile phone subscriptions continue to grow internationally, and they present card issuers with a clear opportunity to capture a portion of the elusive micropayment market.

The collapse of Simpay has surprised many in the industry. Designed to act as a card scheme for mobile operators in the payment space, Simpay folded as a result of the withdrawal of just one of its four founding partners. This demonstrates that card issuer involvement is crucial for any mpayment program.

The business case for mobile payments from the card issuer perspective hinges on there being an appreciable growth in card use. However, there are a number of flaws in the mpayment model in this respect. Indeed, for card issuers looking to achieve greater volumes, there are existing alternatives that may achieve these aims more effectively.

Reasons to Purchase

- Learn why a lack of effective cooperation and weakness in the basic proposition has limited growth in this market.

- Understand how and how not to launch an mpayment program by examining case studies of current schemes.

- Discover views of the future of the mpayment market and the implications for card issuers.

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