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No fraud allowed!

As Internet shopping options expand with more and more ecommerce merchants coming online each day, and the business world continues to diversify POS options, the capability of the payment fraudster also changes. These crafty individuals and mastermind groups are always looking for new ways to hack into an unsuspecting company’s payment system to silently siphon monies or private cardholder information.

While any merchant should be concerned about protection against fraud, the merchants in business classes that are more susceptible to fraud and higher chargeback ratios have to be even more vigilant. This is a requirement that often leads these business owners on a search for a savvy account representative that can guide them to implementation of an optimal payment processing setup that includes smart fraud monitoring tools.

If you are one of these savvy sales professionals working to stay up on how to support hard-to-board merchants, you know firsthand, the importance of setting them up with the most relevant and current fraud management tools. However, it can also be a challenge to keep track of industry-wide updates and stay in sync with which tools are ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape. This is one reason it is critical to establish a selling relationship with a well regarded acquiring partner that also specializes in serving these unique merchant types.

Trust the experts

“Since 1992, Humboldt Merchant Services has focused on supporting merchants that can’t always be served by mainstream payment service providers,” said Adam McDonald, President of Humboldt Merchant Services. “We know these business models require more attention than typical retail accounts and that includes protecting them with the most robust fraud management systems available at all times.”

In the spirit of serving these merchants with the best possible support model, HBMS is also committed to ensuring customers have access to the most air tight and innovative fraud management solutions available. Each Humboldt merchant has direct access to Fraudcast, the HBMS proprietary fraud and chargeback reduction platform.

“A fraud attack or series of unwarranted chargebacks can seriously impact a merchant’s bottom line,” continued McDonald. “With Fraudcast, every Humboldt sales partner is able to confidently assure their customers will have full visibility of all account activity, as well as rock solid fraud protection and an easy to understand reporting interface.”

The devil is in the details

Fraudcast reports detail all the information a merchant needs to know to monitor their account for standard day-to-day activity and they also provide the analytics that will help the business keep watch for, and achieve early detection of, suspicious trends or occurrences. These valuable reports provide granular information on:

The system is also equipped with email alerts that post to specified inboxes each weekday, ensuring all event data, analytical charts and periodic trends are right under the merchant’s nose at precisely the time it matters most.

Only at HBMS

Fraudcast is the fastest and easiest way to stay on top of issues related to fraud and chargebacks, and if you’re already supporting HBMS customers, chances are they’ve already been auto-enrolled in the program. To help them confirm their account, have them search for an email from HBMS with login credentials for MoveIt, the secure, online HBMS merchant portal. If they aren’t able to locate the email, access to Fraudcast is just an email away. Have them email HBMS at, and a username and password will be established and sent to them within 2-3 business days. Customer support will also be available to assist them with any set up questions and provide an introduction to the MoveIt and Fraudcast tools.

If you or your customers are not yet familiar with HBMS and the specialty services they offer, we’d love to share an overview of our offerings and industry advantages. Visit us at for a virtual tour of our products and services. Information on the proprietary Fraudcast product can be found at Feel free to also connect with us by phone at 877-387-5642.

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