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Jon Taffer endorses Harbortouch POS

Jon Taffer is best known as the outspoken host on Spike TV's hit show Bar Rescue where he transforms struggling bars into profitable hotspots. However, Taffer is much more than meets the eye. Jon is recognized internationally as an award-winning hospitality consultant. With over three decades of hands on experience, he has owned and operated 17 hospitality businesses, consulted with over 800 venues in 30 countries and has worked with powerhouse brands like Hyatt Hotels, Hilton Hotels, TGI Fridays, Subway, Wolfgang Puck Express, Anheuser-Busch, AMF Bowling Centers and many more.

Over this impressive career, Taffer has worked with hundreds of products for bars and restaurants, but he has never officially endorsed any product until now. Earlier this year, Taffer endorsed Harbortouch's touchscreen POS systems and also announced that he is partnering with the company to collaborate on development of the industry's first "smart” POS (sPOS) system.

"In my experience, I have found Harbortouch's POS solution to be the best in the industry," Taffer stated. "Their POS system is unparalleled in terms of both price and capabilities, the two most critical elements for any small or mid-sized businesses' success. I am proud to integrate my proven tools for increasing revenue with their best-in-class system and bring the first truly smart POS system to market."

POS systems reward the people who sell them, too. Unlike countertop terminals that only process credit card transactions, POS systems are integrated business management solutions with enhanced capabilities designed to help service providers, merchants and consumers alike.

Following are key benefits to selling integrated POS systems:

Harbortouch, a full merchant services provider

In addition to the indisputable benefits of selling integrated POS systems, Harbortouch offers sales partners a full range of merchant services solutions, services and support. The company debuted the first free electronic cash register and countertop terminal programs and continues to lead payments industry innovation.

Harbortouch sales partners have access to resources, educational tools and dedicated specialists to help them grow and prosper. The company continues to evolve its free terminal and electronic cash register programs, which feature best-in-class products and services.

Following are additional benefits available to Harbortouch sales partners:

Free terminals: The Harbortouch free terminal offering includes both a merchant-facing VX 520 terminal and customer-facing VX 805 NFC/EMV PIN pad, which deliver a more practical and ergonomic setup than most standalone EMV terminals. The unit is also available as an all-in-one solution for merchants who prefer not to use a PIN pad. This terminal offering is the best EMV/NFC solution available.

Free POS: Why would a merchant choose a standalone credit card terminal when they can receive a full-featured touch-screen POS system for free? The ability to offer a free POS system sets Harbortouch sales partners apart from the other bank card sales reps.

Differentiation: Instead selling on rate or offering low value, "me-too" terminals, Harbortouch sales partners provide high-value solutions that business owners can appreciate. This powerful sales tool enables partners to get in front of more business owners and close more deals.

Upfront Bonuses: Partners receive lucrative upfront bonuses as high as $550 for each POS system placed, free of charge.

Continuous education: The thought of learning how to sell POS systems may seem daunting, but Harbortouch provides comprehensive training and support every step of the way. As Harbortouch sales partners progress through the system, they gain practical knowledge that helps them close deals. Here are some examples:

Ongoing training, certification: Harbortouch POS Training Center provides a range of online and on-site training courses, entirely free of charge! Certification programs at the Harbortouch POS Training Center include:

Industry's Best Schedule A: Harbortouch introduced a new, improved Schedule A, the most profitable in the industry. Whether participating partners sell terminals or POS systems, they are eligible for a $5,000 signing bonus, residual splits up to 75%, 10X free terminal bonuses with $300 up-front, and monthly production bonuses.

Tailored Financing: Customized financing, for sales partners or specific merchants, provides the necessary financing and growth capital to jumpstart a sales office, enhance infrastructure, or build a private label registered ISO/MSP program.

'In more ways than five'

In a recent episode of Bar Rescue, Taffer surveyed a thriving nightclub, noting three Harbortouch POS workstations behind the bar that enabled servers to open and close tabs with lightning speed. He praised a bartender as she served seven drinks at a time, while the happy owner worked the room, shaking hands with excited customers. When Taffer asked if he had delivered on his promises, the bar owner said, "in more ways than 5."

The same could be said for Harbortouch sales partners across the country, who are making a difference for merchants while building solid bank card portfolios. Discover the difference at Harbortouch, where we are working in more ways than five to earn your business!

Start building a more stable, more profitable bankcard portfolio today. Visit or email

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