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Electronic Payments

Leading with proactive customer care

Electronic Payments Customer Support

When you’re considering which merchant services provider to represent, the decision often comes down to how well you and your customers will be treated. While every provider’s customer support program should be streamlined, inclusive, and knowledge-based, it isn’t always the case. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask for references and evaluate what differentiates a company’s support model before selecting them as your go-to payments partner.

“The dynamics of POS payments are continually changing, and retail merchants are using POS data more and more to understand customer behavior, as well as manage the day-to-day business,” said Michael Nardy, CEO at Electronic Payments, Inc. “This means, to remain successful, a service provider’s customer care model must evolve in tandem with the ever-changing needs of the customer.”

One number, one team, one call

According to Mr. Nardy, providing customer service in POS today involves a mix of training expertise, technical diagnostics, and of course, good-old-fashioned support skills. It’s as much about helping the merchant understand how robust their new system is - and all it can do for them - as it is about supporting their everyday transaction needs.

For this reason, Electronic Payments has implemented a customer service model they refer to as ‘one call for all’, which aligns all the parties in the customer support chain together into a robust, triage-based team that can address any question or concern seamlessly and swiftly. With one phone call, Electronic Payments' support team can assist with the entire payments and POS ecosystem, including POS software, POS hardware, gift cards, PIN pads, and processing.

Electronic Payments team members are trained in both payments and POS technology, so they can effectively and efficiently handle anything at the front line from an account question to a Level 2 technical support inquiry. All inbound support calls are also routed through a single phone number to make the experience as pleasant as possible for every customer.

Starting off right

And, it doesn’t stop there! In fact, Electronic Payments feels the key to providing the best customer support in the industry is where it all STARTS!

Every time a new POS account is implemented, the Electronic Payments in-house customer care team proactively engages the client and the agent. The team builds the client’s menu or inventory database in-house and schedules a dedicated conference call to review the database in advance of deployment. Every system is deployed with an expert level of service and every installation is handled in Electronic Payment’s signature person-to-person fashion. With free over-the-phone setup and training included with each POS account, merchants know how to use the system from the start. This provides even more ways for agents to remain involved and field customer inquiries with accuracy and consistency.

Sales agents also participate in ongoing webinar trainings and regional meetings that keep them up to speed on the market and the latest POS systems sold through Electronic Payments. Furthermore, a dedicated POS demo team is available to agents and their prospects. The team schedules active, live demos of the POS system features, presented to showcase how Electronic Payments’ solutions are aligned to support each merchant vertical business model.

Up-and-coming POS provider

Electronic Payments’ proprietary Exatouch Point of Sale system, as well as the entire POS support channel, are continually enhanced to uphold the high level of service merchants have come to expect from the exclusive payment processor.

In addition to the award-winning customer support program, Electronic Payments opened a New York-based deployment facility in the Spring of 2016 to bring all deployment and inventory functions in-house and reinforce the Electronic Payments ‘one call for all’ support model. By managing their own inventory, file builds, and shipping in-house, Electronic Payments can implement and deliver all POS setups within optimal time. Additionally, by cutting out numerous distributors, the Electronic Payments team can address warranty issues with the utmost speed and determine if the merchant requires an expedited equipment swap to get the merchant up and running as soon as possible.

And, as always, Electronic Payments is committed to providing value-added features and services for free that other companies typically charge for. Features such as above-store reporting, back-end office and data accessibility, gift card programs, and more, are all developed, managed, and supported in-house, giving Electronic Payments customers the benefits of scalability and more services bundled in for one great price.

If you are interested in learning more about Electronic Payment’s exclusive products, ‘one call for all’ customer support, or how you can become an Electronic Payments sales representative, please contact Keith Ashcraft, Director of Corporate Recruiting, at 800-966-5520, ext. 223 or You are also invited to visit

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