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Electronic Merchant Systems

Agent-First Processing, Part 4: Premium Product Suite

Partnering with a merchant services provider that offers a full suite of products and services is key to maximizing every opportunity you come across as an Agent. What does your current provider bring to the table? Do they offer a product line diverse enough to serve a small bookstore, food truck, online-only retailer, and fine dining room?

Without access to a diverse product line that can serve all these merchant types and more, you’re selling yourself short. You need to partner with a provider who offers all the innovative solutions necessary to thrive in the digital age, and more! Electronic Merchant Systems has the premium product suite you need to succeed.

Here are some of the innovative options we offer:

Point of Sale Systems

Mobile Payment Acceptance Solutions


EMSmobile is a simple, yet powerful front and back-office payment acceptance method for any small business. This mobile payment processing solution empowers a merchant’s phone, tablet, or computer to accept payments anytime, anywhere. Plus, it’s supported by our powerful Virtual Terminal technology. Read more about EMSmobile at

Payment Gateway Virtual Terminals

A Virtual Terminal is an interface built into a Payment Gateway. Its impressive technology empowers a merchant to run their Gateway as if it were a credit card terminal from their computer, tablet, or mobile device. Plus, the Virtual Terminal is browser-based, which means merchants can access this essential business tool on any web-enabled device.

Additional features of a Payment Gateway equipped with a Virtual Terminal include:

Learn more at

eCommerce Solutions

EMS offers innovative eCommerce solutions for all business needs. Whether your merchant is looking to establish their web presence, add a store to their existing website, or even enable payments for an existing online store, we have the tools to help. Read more at

Value-Added Products & Services

We also offer value-added products to help you expand your sales arsenal and open the door to even more potential deals.

More Than Just Talk

If your current provider is falling short on any of their service promises or if you’re not feeling challenged in your current role, maybe it’s time to consider a change. As you evaluate processing relationships, review each provider’s products and services. How would you rate each prospective partner on the diverse product suite above? Ideally, your partner will not only meet your needs today but anticipate your needs tomorrow. In this ever-changing industry, Electronic Merchant Systems offers everything you need and more. As the industry advances, we strive to meet your needs and help you grow your merchant portfolio.

At Electronic Merchant Systems, we believe a service promise should be more than the same old laundry list you’ve seen from other processors. We are committed to your success because our success as an organization begins with you. In this series, we’ll explore the most important criteria to look for in a processor partner and how each one can help you grow and scale.

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