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Electronic Merchant Systems

Agent-First Processing, Part 1

In an industry defined by innovation, phrases like "digital-first," "mobile-first," and "customer-first" are popular. But, isn't it time to put agents first? After all, where would the payments industry be without the talented, courageous people like you who go and get the business every day? It's your determination, ingenuity, and stamina that fuels our industry's growth, year after year.

Selling merchant processing solutions can be rewarding in many ways. A career as an independent agent gives you the freedom to work where you want, when you want, all while making as much money as you want. It also provides the satisfaction of helping fellow business owners during difficult times. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, agents have been assisting small and midsized businesses in need. You have deployed eCommerce and social distance compliant solutions and even helped merchants secure federal loans and working capital.

As an agent, you likely chose this business for its top three tangible benefits: (1) quality of life, (2) quality of occupation, and (3) unlimited income potential. You may have also been attracted to the intangible benefits, such as: (1) making a difference for a growing number of businesses in a community or vertical industry, and (2) being at the epicenter of technology innovation, where there is always something new to explore.

From Feet-on-Street to Hands-On

Electronic Merchant Systems (, has been helping agents reach their full potential since 1988. Technology and business models are always changing, but our agent-first model continues to stand the test of time.

We know today's agents are sophisticated entrepreneurs, not yesterday’s "feet on the street" salespeople. You demand more from your processing partners. Some frequent complaints we hear from agents about their former processors are a high percentage of declines, confusing and non-transparent residual reporting, lackluster product suites and portfolio management tools, and a serious lack of agent-first service.

These concerns are valid. Each of the following essentials can directly impact your bottom line:

More Than Just "Talk"

If your current provider is falling short on any of their service promises or if you're not feeling challenged in your current role, maybe it's time to consider a change. As you evaluate processing relationships, review each provider's products and services. How would you rate each prospective partner on the above 6 deliverables?

Ideally, your partner will not only meet your needs today but anticipate your needs tomorrow. In this ever-changing industry, Electronic Merchant Systems offers everything you need and more. As the industry advances and you grow your merchant portfolio, we will continue to strive to meet your needs.

At Electronic Merchant Systems, we believe a service promise should be more than the same old laundry list you've seen from other processors. We are committed to your success because our success as an organization begins with you. In our upcoming series, we'll explore the most important criteria to look for in a processor partner and how each standard can help you grow and scale.

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